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Five simple steps to prepare to be promoted in 2015


As the year winds down, now is the time to reexamine your career path, work habits and accomplishments as an employee. Are you on track to accomplishing your professional goals or have you encountered unexpected delays? Employees who are self-assured can thrive in almost any work environment, sell their skills and obtain promotions quicker. Here are few tips to get you started in that direction.{{more}}

1. Write down your career goals and the exact timeframe in which you want to achieve them.  It’s been said that goals are easier to achieve when they are written down and kept as a road map until they are realized.

2. Take action.  Once you have identified the heights you want to achieve, devise a sound plan to make those goals come true.  Be consistent and methodical. Set the goal, make the plan, work the plan, and adjust when necessary.

3. Identify your five best work skills.  Confidence is built when you realize the value you bring to the workplace. This information is also critical as you help to position yourself in job interviews and to obtain choice projects.

4. Identify three skills you would like to improve. True professionals know the areas they need to improve upon and actively pursue ways to reduce the impact of these deficiencies on their careers. No matter how proficient you are, there is always a need to elevate your skills sets.

5. Obtain a mentor. Find someone who is able to offer sound professional advice, challenge you and help smooth out your rough edges. You will need more than one mentor to guide you depending on your field of expertise and what you want to learn.

6. Find an advocate.  Advocates are not like mentors.  These are people in very high positions who have access to networks and resources you could only dream of.  Even though they are well connected and usually very busy, they will take the time to introduce you to their colleagues if there is a benefit or advocate on your behalf. 

A consummate professional knows that obtaining professional excellence is a continual process of reevaluating their approaches and improving their skills in the workplace.

Karen Hinds is “The Workplace Success Expert.”
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