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Quitting a job the right way


It happens! Sometimes a job just is not working out. Maybe you’ve outgrown the job, or you no longer enjoy working with the people, or a better opportunity has come your way. Whatever the reason, it’s important to end your relationship with the company the right way. You might need a reference from them sometime. {{more}}

What’s the right way to leave?

It is not acceptable or professional to just go in and say “I quit,” and leave, never to return. Although you may feel the company deserves it, that could hurt you later on. The world is a small place and it pays to end these relationships on a positive note, as you may cross paths with some of the same people later on in life.

Keep these rules in mind as you prepare to leave your job.

1. Write a brief letter of resignation, simply stating that you will be resigning from your position and give the date you plan to stop working. Don’t mention any problems or complaints. You don’t really have to give a reason for leaving!

2. Give your employer at least two weeks’ notice before you leave the job.

3. Do not take company property with you when you leave, no matter how small. That is considered stealing.

4. Continue to do a good job until your last day and, if asked, be willing to help the new person.

5. No matter why you are leaving, especially if it is under questionable circumstances, never badmouth anyone in the company or spread gossip about your situation. It is usually safest not to say anything at all.

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