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The real reasons we don’t succeed


Take a few moments to examine your professional life. Are you where you want to be? Do you spend a lot of time thinking and hoping about what life could have been for you? Do you feel unsure of how to get to the next level in your career? {{more}}

So what’s holding you back? What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your highest potential? Do you believe that a combination of external circumstances and/or people in your life are to blame? Are you mature enough to realise that, regardless of the situation, the only person holding you back is you?

In order to move forward personally and professionally, each individual must take the time to assess his or her current situation. The majority of this assessment will be an internal examination of your belief system and your thought process around success. If you want to know what’s holding you back, spend a day with your thoughts.

People who are successful do not face less obstacles; they do not all have unlimited resources or even a secret book with all the answers to life’s challenges. What they have is an attitude to succeed, persistence that will wear down resistance, passion that keeps their dreams alive, the ability to work well with all people, a vision to keep them on the right path, and a plan to get it all done. Every employee who plans to excel on the job must have the above characteristics.

Take a moment to examine your network. The strength of your network will undoubtedly determine how high you will climb in your career. Do you spend most of your time with people who are dissatisfied with life and are continually complaining? Are most of your colleagues who are stuck in their careers content with little or no growth? One of the biggest fears in succeeding is losing the familiar connections you have.
You may not be ready to step out of your comfort zone and forge new bonds, even though you meet new people all the time. Sometimes you may need to let go of the bonds that no longer serve you. Maybe you feel indebted to friends and colleagues who have helped you throughout your career. Relationships are designed to change, and a weak network could mean you have not realised that some people are only in your personal and professional life for a season, and their season could be long over. Even though they helped you at one point in your life, that person might now be the hindrance to you getting to the next level. Are you mature enough to admit that and do something about it?

Sometimes it’s not people or circumstances but our own self-limiting beliefs and our willingness to give away our power that stifles us.

Now, let’s ask the question again: What’s holding you back?

Karen Hinds is “The Workplace Success Expert.”

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