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Happy Mother’s Day


As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, let me wish all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day.

It’s because of our mothers that the majority of us are able to realize our personal and, especially, professional dreams. Yes, some mothers have failed their children, but we honour those who stepped in and acted as mothers and forgive those who faltered.{{more}} There are three lessons that mothers teach us just from their mere existence. These are lessons that, if we pay attention, we can also reap great rewards from in our own lives.

Sacrifice. A good mother at some point in her life sacrifices her needs, wants, time, money and desires temporarily or even permanently, so her children can afford the type of opportunities that will set them up for success later in life. We all have heard of mothers who go hungry so their kids can eat, or they work long hours to ensure the family has the money to buy the necessities of life. Mothers understand quite well the power of delayed gratification, as the love, attention and money they pour into their children usually don’t come to bear fruit for years, but they do it anyway. As working professionals, understanding that your dreams and aspirations may take time and sacrifice to accomplish is a lesson that we all must learn.

Commitment. A good mother makes a lifetime commitment to feed, nurture and love her children. Yes, there will be years when it is tough, but even when her children make horrible mistakes, her commitment to unconditionally love those children is unwavering. It doesn’t come easy but she perseveres, even when the world may be against her child. Being a mother is a commitment that starts at conception and ends at death. When was the last time you made a commitment and stuck with it without wavering? When was the last time you saw an idea through from conception to completion?

Believe. Sometimes our mothers are the only ones who believe in us and our crazy ideas. I know for years my mother seemed to be one of the few people who would reassure me that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to, even if the ideas were a little half-baked at the time. Nonetheless, her belief in me and my abilities were what pulled me through. As professionals, we have to believe that we add value to the organizations we work for. Our skills and talents need to be honed and then we have to trust ourselves to know deep down that we are worth it. But it starts by you first believing in you.

To all the mothers who birth us and those who birth us in their hearts, thank you.

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