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Qualities of a good manager


It’s said that good help is hard to find, and if that’s true, finding a truly effective manager can be quite a task. For a manager to be competent, there is a prerequisite. He or she must have open communications with upper management and there must be a support system in place. This is critical, as a manager is the bridge between the frontline staff and those at the top. The following are some of the qualities managers in any results-oriented work environment need to possess.{{more}}

1. Effective managers work well with diverse populations.

The Caribbean is a global melting pot and St Vincent and the Grenadines is no exception. Regardless of what business one is in, a manager will come in contact with diverse people through direct supervision or as customers. Diversity cuts across racial, ethnic, generational and social lines. Working in harmony with different people to meet the organizational goal will take a sensitive, open and insightful person to know how to best meet the needs of the different groups.

2. Effective managers are motivators.

Every staff member, during his/her career will reach the point when progress seems impossible or an extra push is needed in order to overcome a particular business barrier. It’s during these times that employees really want someone who believes in their abilities and can positively move them to produce exceptional work, especially in high-pressured environments.

3. Effective managers are great communicators.

Studies show that when we listen to someone speak, we receive 55 per cent of what is said through his/her body language, 38 per cent through tone and inflection, and only 7 per cent of the actual words are understood. It is critical that managers are very clear and direct when giving instructions. Leave almost nothing to speculation or interpretation, as that’s when costly errors occur.

Anyone in a management position must stop every now and then and evaluate himself or herself. How well are you doing as a manager? How do you motivate your staff on a regular basis? How effective are your communication skills?

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