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Exceptional customer service to all customers


Throughout the world, the Caribbean is known for its hospitality. Foreigners often brag about how welcome they feel whenever they visit one of the islands; but are locals treated the same way? It appears that this is not necessarily the case. For every compliment offered by a customer from abroad, there seems to be a dissimilar sentiment from a native patron.{{more}}

Customer service is ensuring that all the needs of the client are met. Nowhere in any customer service handbook does it offer different advice for different people. All customers are to be treated equally and with the same level of respect.

Yes, it sometimes seems as if some customers are a bit more difficult to please than others. But the most important thing for business people to remember is that the customer is the one with the money and that cash flow keeps the business running and employees employed.

How can an employee offer exceptional customer service?

In cases where employees need to interact with customers face-to-face, there are a few simple strategies that will help any customer feel welcomed and valued.

Smile. The most effective welcoming strategy is a smile. It immediately lets the customer know that their business is valuable.

Greet customers. Verbally greet your customers and approach them. In the event you are unable to greet that person, at least acknowledge them with your body language as an indication that they will be attended to shortly.

Be attentive. When customers come through the doors, they are there because they have a need. It’s apparent that they think your establishment can possibly meet that need. Employees must pay close attention, and fulfill this need immediately.

Not every establishment works with customers face-to-face. For employees who may never see their customers and work primarily by phone, it’s critical to return calls within 24 hours, as this demonstrates exceptional customer service.

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