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Carnival Heat Up, Workplace Cool Down


Fri, Jun 29. 2012

It’s festival season once again, and many businesses will virtually be on cruise control over the next few days. Calypso, queen show, costumes and visiting friends and family will without a doubt dominate office talk. While all this excitement will make it difficult at times to concentrate on the business at hand, the consummate professional knows that business must go on.{{more}} As you revel in the festivities, remember the following:

1. Party all night, work all day. If you decide to party all night at Victoria Park or at a street bar, it is still your responsibility to get to work on time, be coherent, stay awake, look professional and smell clean.

2. Put your best foot forward. Delivering exceptional customer service is critical, now more than ever. St Vincent is basically on display for all the visitors to see and many are expecting that warm hospitality the Caribbean is known for. Meet and exceed their expectations.

3. Locals are customers, too. An important customer is a paying customer, so do not discriminate against local Vincentians. The man from the country in his mountain clothes and water boots should be treated with the same level of respect and courtesy as the woman from New York in her brand-name clothing, gold and makeup.

4. Christians do it their way. Although carnival is a national celebration, many Christians in your workplace may choose not to participate in the festivities. Do not judge or ridicule anyone for his or her personal choice and way of living. While you may enjoy jumping on Carnival Monday, someone else may enjoy going to the beach instead. Respect that.

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