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Five ways we let time slip away


Your life is busy. Time is spent at school, with family and friends, and at work. With such demands, good choices must be made about how your time is spent. Time management is less about time itself and more about decision-making. Good decisions make it easier to manage your schedule and stay in control so you can maximize the 24 hours that we all have each day.{{more}} When you make hasty or unplanned decisions, there are often unwanted consequences.

You are the one in control of your 24 hours and no one else. You get the credit for your choices. Likewise, if you choose not to accept that responsibility and use your time unwisely, you cannot blame others for the results.

Here are 5 ways in which valuable time often slips away unnoticed.

1. Worry. More time is often spent worrying, stressing, and complaining about doing something than the actual time it will take to complete the task.

2. Over-committing yourself. It’s hard to say “no” when a friend needs your help. Your time is very valuable and it is unfair to yourself to spread yourself too thin and become overwhelmed by doing favors for others. Be selective and know when to say “no.”

3. Chatting on the phone/texting. Imagine sending 3,000 texts per month. In fact, texting has replaced talking on the phone for some people. As you text the days away, remember you also have a future coming up! Are you preparing for it?

4. Procrastination. This behavior is best described as putting off doing something by any possible means or excuses. Stop sabotaging yourself.

5. Love sickness. Hearts are being broken and hearts are falling in love all the time. A lot of time is spent preoccupied daydreaming about the other person. Keep an eye on your goals, too!

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