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Three costly career mistakes that women make


Building a career as a new or seasoned professional takes time, strategy and the determination to succeed regardless of what lays ahead. Sometimes in the journey, women often engage in behaviors that hinder instead of propel their careers. It’s important to be aware of these missteps in order to avoid them, and even help another young woman in her career process. Here are some such mistakes.{{more}}

Women work hard, not smart

The key to being successful in the workplace is to be a smart worker, not a hard worker. Smart workers know how to balance their time; they do not take pride in working long hours every day without lunch or a break. There are women who feel they need to sacrifice themselves just to say they are working and then complain about how hard they work and that they have no help. If you are doing that, stop it! This behavior is a sign that you are not good at delegating, building relationships or being an effective leader, nor are you able to manage your time effectively.

Failing to build strategic relationships

No one makes it on their own and, to be successful, alliances must be made with both men and women. It’s the only way to have longevity and make an impact. It’s difficult sometimes to build professional relationships with the opposite sex in the workplace because the male-female dynamics can be problematic, especially in the Caribbean where women are still not taken seriously. Frequently, the conversation eventually becomes a bit too personal or the relationship is a source of office gossip, even if nothing is happening. Advice to women interested in moving up: dress appropriately, censor your conversation when interacting with men and do not discuss your personal matters. Conduct yourself in a manner that says business, have a third party present if you feel uncomfortable meeting with a male, and ignore the gossip if you’ve done all the above. People will always talk, so be strictly about business.

Some women want mind readers

When playing a game, each person wants to win, but in the game of work, women help others win and wait for someone to read their minds to know that they want to win as well. They hope for the right time and the right person to come along and recognize them for a job well done or give them a promotion; when no one helps, they get upset. Enough of that!

Set your goal and be determined

This is the time to create your own destiny. Don’t be afraid if no woman has done what you want to do—you could be the first. Be your own advocate and go after what you want. Do not be deterred by the many detractors that you will meet. Go and get what belongs to you!

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