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7 Ways to Work Better with Your Supervisor


Supervisors are in charge because the company has confidence in their ability to perform supervisory responsibilities and obtain the results the company needs to make a profit.{{more}} A supervisor’s role is to guide employees to become the best worker each can be by developing their skills. This is not always easy, but every employee needs to know how to work with his or her supervisor and build a professional relationship. You do not have to be best friends with your supervisor, but you must relate to your supervisor with respectful courtesy. You can learn a lot!

1. Be willing to learn.
Show your supervisor that you are eager to learn, try new things, and do extra tasks.

2. Be proactive.
Whenever there is a problem, immediately notify your supervisor if you are not able to resolve the issue. Don’t waste time on it.

3. Speak up.
Some jobs that young people do are quite boring but are absolutely essential to the company. Ask your supervisor to vary the tasks that you do and try to identify areas you would like to learn more about.

4. Understand the company.
Learn how your daily responsibilities help the company. Seeing how your contributions assist the company will make you a better employee when you recognize how important your role is.

5. Ask for clarification.
Always ask questions when in doubt. Do not feel intimidated or shy. It’s better to ask many questions and do a task well than to guess what is wanted and make errors.

6. Follow directions.
It sounds simple, but it can be difficult. Employee and supervisor relationships are more productive when an employee can follow instructions from the supervisor.

7. Be innovative.
Look for ways to improve the processes in your area and share those with your supervisor, but don’t make changes without first getting approval to go ahead.

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