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Out with the Old, in with the New


Before the newness of 2012 evaporates, everyone should do a quick self-evaluation. Revisit ideas, past decisions and dwell if even for a moment on what could be your dreams and aspirations. This type of self-evaluation is only good when you are being absolutely honest, especially about issues concerning your work life. Take a few moments to answer the following questions.{{more}}

1. What were your biggest accomplishments during 2011 personally and professionally?

2. Why were you successful at these endeavors and how can those success lessons help you in future endeavors?

3. What were your biggest mistakes (learning experiences) personally and professionally?

4. What can you do to avoid those same mistakes (learning experiences) in 2012?

5. What did you discover about yourself that was positive?

6. What did you discover about yourself that needs to change immediately?

7. What new skills did you acquire in ‘11 and how can improve on them in ‘12?

8. List two goals that must be accomplished in ’12.

9. List two goals that you consider long shots but you are willing to try to achieve in ’12.

10. List the characteristics that make you the best at what you do.

To be effective, its best not to wait until 2013 before you do another self-examination. Take a few moments every quarter, month or weekly for those who are very disciplined and evaluate your performance for that time period. Look at what you did that worked personally and professionally, what didn’t and examine why. Celebrate your successes, learn from the mistakes and move on. It’s amazing that you would take the time to service your cars, clean your homes frequently, but little time is spent on improving the most valuable asset – YOU. Work on changing that in 2012.

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