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10 Commandments of Customer Service


Christmas is in a few weeks, so this is the perfect time to tune up those customer service skills by revisiting the commandments of providing excellent service. Are you actively practicing these commandments? If you own a business, help your staff to really treat your customers as VIP.{{more}}

1.Thou shall recognize that “the customer may not always be right, but he/she is the one with the money.” Anonymous

2.Thou shall SMILE.

3.Thou shall acknowledge the internal customer and service them accordingly. (i.e timely responses to requests, sharing of information to expedite tasks, remembering that your refusal/reluctance to work with a person or department hinders the company more than the individual.

4.Thou shall offer excellent service consistently and not only when you feel like.

5.Thou shall fix the customer’s problem or find someone who can immediately.

6.Thou shall never argue with a customer.

7. Thou shall always go above and beyond for the customer regardless of who they are.

8. Thou shall commit thyself to continuous learning to constantly improve the level of service being provided.

9. Thou shall recognize that your attitude is based on a personal decision and not on a feeling. Make the right decision daily.

10. Thou shall welcome constructive complaints as they have the potential to enhance your performance and delivery of service.

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