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Help! I Need a Job Part 5

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Building Your Business Wardrobe: Men

Sending the right message with clothing is just as important for men as it is for women. The interview outfit should fit well and you should feel great in it. Men have many choices in styles and even colors to choose from. However, for the interview it is best to stay with the basics. Use the following guide not only for the interview, but to build a strong wardrobe as well.{{more}}

Wardrobe Building: Suits.

Strive to build a wardrobe with at least four to six quality suits. Traditional dark colors are best black, navy, dark gray and even burgundy or dark green will work as a starter wardrobe. At least one of those suits should be a double-breasted suit.

For the Interview:

Stay with the darker colors black, navy or dark gray or pinstriped is fine.

Wardrobe Building:

Dress shirt.

To achieve a different look with your suits 10 – 12 shirts will give you a fresh appearance with each suit. Try striped shirts along with a few white, one black, light blue and even a light pink shirt and peach.

For the Interview:

The common white button up shirt works well. Light blue is also appropriate. Please no silk shirts.

Wardrobe Building:

Belt and ties.

Every man should have at least 5 ties. The ideal is 10-12. Stay with a conservative look but always have a few ties with a more fun, relaxed pattern. A black leather professional looking belt along with one brown and burgundy should suffice.

For the Interview

The belt head should be very simple and belt color should coordinate to your suit colour. A simple pattern tie would be ideal (like stripes or solids), but stay away from ties with pictures for the interview.

Wardrobe Building


Your basic black leather shoe along with a burgundy, gray and brown, (slip on or lace up) should round out your new professional image.

For the Interview

Your shoe should have a high shine and be clear of scuff mark. A dark colour that coordinates with the suit

Little details that cause a BIG impact. Get a basic black leather-like portfolio to carry your documents. Don’t forget a watch in gold, silver or stainless steel. The watch should not be over sized or attract too much attention.

Never wear white socks; thin black, brown or navy will do the trick to coordinate with your suit.

If you have a pair of cuff-links to boost your look, by all means wear them

After shave and cologne should be used sparingly and should be avoided. Many people have allergies and strong smells in small spaces could work against you in the interview.

Facial hair should be groomed or removed completely.

If you wear an earring, nose or tongue rings, please remove it for the interview.

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