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Tattoos and body piercings at work


Tattoos and body piercings are extremely popular and it’s not uncommon to be greeted by service clerks who proudly show off their nose, tongue and lip piercings or even an exotic tattoo that is quite visible.{{more}}

Most companies allow ear piercing, one or two holes. However, multiple holes adorned with large hoop earrings can pose a safety risk, depending on the job. Companies do not want to risk injury to an employee because an employee wants to make a fashion statement. Lip, tongue, nose and belly rings are also popular, but again customers are often repulsed by the sight of these piercings if they are exposed.

Tattoos are simply a distraction. Companies work hard to project a clean professional image and attract certain clientele and a visibly tattooed worker probably does not fit into that image. It’s important for customers to feel comfortable when spending their money and they should not be subjected to looking at an employee’s expression of body art, especially those selections that can be offensive, such as a skull, demons or strategically placed tattoos that create illusions.

1. Before you get a tattoo be careful about the choice of tattoo you get and be selective in its placement on your body.

2. Place tattoos in areas that can be easily covered by clothing when appropriate.

3. If you have a tongue, nose, or multiple ear piercing, remove the adornments when going on interviews or while on the job. Cover up the belly ring.

4. Companies have the right to refuse to hire you or even fire you if your tattoo or body piercing violates their dress code.

5. If you already have a tattoo that is hindering your progress at work, consult with a doctor who performs laser removal of tattoos.

6. If you are young and have not established a career yet, be especially careful about what kind of tattoo or body piercing you get as you never know what kind of career you may desire later in life.

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