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Time savers and time wasters


We’ve all had days when you are not quite sure what happened but it’s 4pm and the list of tasks you set out to complete that day still has not been touched. You are left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unproductive. Have you sat down and indentified your time wasters and time savers? Let me give you a running start with the following:{{more}}

Time Wasters

1. Worry. More time is often spent worrying, stressing, and complaining about doing something than the actual time it will take to complete the task.

2. Over committing yourself. It’s hard to say “no” when a colleague needs your help. Your time is very valuable and it is unfair to spread yourself thin and become overwhelmed by doing favors for others. Be selective and know when to say “no.”

3. Procrastination. This behavior is best described as putting off doing something by any possible means or excuses. Stop sabotaging yourself.

4. Visiting colleagues at their workstation. Keep your social time with colleagues to a minimum. Lengthy conversations about outside activities should be reserved for break time.

5.Checking email. If you are interrupting work to check your Inbox every time the chime goes off or you are catching up with your social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook you are not being very productive. Set specific time to check and answer emails.

Time Savers

1. Use a personal calendar. It does not matter whether it’s on your computer or in an appointment book. Record appointment and important commitments to help you stay in control.

2. Plan carefully. Always estimate the amount of time a project or task will take to complete, then add in extra time for unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays.

3. Ask for help. Smart people are the ones who recognize when they are unable to deliver by themselves and recruit others to assist.

4.Call ahead. A quick phone call to confirm an appointment or verify basic information can save time.

5. Set priorities. Make choices and decisions based on your future goals rather than the spur of the moment.

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