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Moving past a lay off

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This year, I will not start with the usual resolution piece which half of you don’t keep anyway. 2009 will be a good year if you start preparing now.

Yes, many industries anticipate some tough times but you need to be proactive instead of waiting for the axe to fall.{{more}}

The reality of 2009 is many people will lose their jobs or see their hours cut. Are you ready? A lay off can be difficult, especially when it is unexpected. The transition can be difficult when an individual’s identity revolves around their career and the toll can be emotionally and socially devastating. What’s important is how you handle the change. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Do not dwell on the negative feelings or moments of disorientation. Acknowledge the feelings and take a few days to pull your thoughts together.

2. Ask about a severance package if you were laid off. Having a little financial cushion while you look for a job is critical.

3. Talk with your employer about a retraining programme. Some companies offer this as a part of the severance package and may pay for all or part of an education program and help you find a new position.

4. If you plan to return to the job market, revisit your resume. Does it accurately reflect your current skills and abilities? Are there skill sets you need to develop through a short-term course? Have the resume reviewed by a trusted business associate in the field you are applying or a career advisor. Try not to use a friend, as it is hard to be an objective friend at times.

5. Call upon your network. Reach out to those professional relationships you should have been cultivating throughout your career. If you have none or they are weak, start networking NOW, but don’t expect much initially.

6. Consider an industry change. Health care and construction are hot markets now, so begin to explore your options.

7. Cut back on spending and try to pay off as much debt as possible while you have an income. This is not the time to eat out. Pack a lunch from home and save your money.

8. If you were fired, look at the areas of your personality or performance that caused the problem and address them.

9. Surround yourself with positive people who will motivate and push you towards your career goals.

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