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“Carnival mek me late”


Carnival fever is building and over the next month or so many businesses will unfortunately begin to suffer from the chronic tardiness of employees who will be unable to party all night and still be in top shape for the next workday. If you are going to enjoy the festivities, be responsible and ensure you get up and do what you must to stay alert throughout the day.{{more}}

  • Your tardiness says you are not, trustworthy. Believe it or not the Bible addresses this issue in a verse that says he who is faithful with a little can be trusted to be faithful with a lot. If your company cannot rely on you to show up on time, why would they trust you to run a department with other people, or handle the new clients, or any significant project? Remember that people do business with others they trust and like.
  • Your tardiness can create havoc on a business schedule as projects slated may have to be rearranged, especially when the entire department is on a tight deadline to complete a big project for a client. Of course, managers will be annoyed, but it’s more detrimental when the manager is the one who is tardy.
  • If you are going to party hard, stock up on the coffee and go easy on the alcohol. Team up with a buddy who can encourage and drag you out to work when you feel too tired to move. If you are a “party animal”, why not take some vacation so no one has to deal with your missteps during this time
  • Your tardiness says you do not value the person, event, or business. Most people will probably not be late to pick up their cheque if they won the lottery, nor will they be late if someone was giving away something free. Because they know the value of the cheque or the free item, they show up on time, and even early. It’s the same in business; if you show up on time you send a message that the job is important to you even during carnival.

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