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Corporate School Partnerships


An ancient Chinese proverb tells us, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Who is teaching our future business leaders to fish?

It is never too early to introduce workplace principles to young people. In fact, it is imperative that we get them energized and excited about working and show them the connections between school and life and work.{{more}} While the traditional way to support schools is to provide resources and sponsor sports events, those efforts do nothing to instill workplace values in a generation that will someday be leading the country.

Let’s look at a few ways corporations can begin to engage young people and get them started thinking about their future careers.

  • Hold career panel. Many students have no idea what kinds of careers are available to them, beyond doctors, lawyers, nurses, or police officers, that is. If a student only sees a few career options around them, they are limited in their opportunities to see other careers in action. Through career panels that expose unusual and nontraditional careers, students will expand what they know; they will eventually become what they are familiar with.
  • Hold job shadow days. Hold a job shadow day in which parents take their children to work to follow them and see what is involved in their careers. Employees without young ones can make themselves available to any children with an interest in their field.
  • Offer vacation internships. Sponsor internships for students who have demonstrated an interest in a particular field. Should they be interested, encourage them to compete for internships within that field.
  • Offer prizes. Provide incentives to younger students for having perfect attendance or not having tardy arrivals as these are important values as an employee.
  • Allow employees in the school. Whether it is reading to younger students or speaking to older students, companies should see this as an opportunity to build the next generation.

There are those who believe that the emphasis in schools should be on academics and emphasizing proficiency in taking tests; but others of us believe schools are supposed to offer well-rounded educations that prepare students for life-of which a major part is working.

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