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Recession-proof yourself


People are talking, all around the world, of recession, shortages, and cutbacks. Some American wholesale food clubs recently began limiting the amount of rice a customer can purchase at any one time. Oil and gas prices are squeezing extras out of household budgets. Layoffs seem to be hitting every industry and all levels. Large American companies that have always had reputations of being stable organizations are declaring bankruptcy.{{more}} Even Trinidadians are being encouraged to plant more food for their own consumption.

What does any of this have to do with St. Vincent’s job market? Everything. SVG’s economy is connected to the world economy, and, although it may be some time before we see any affects, it would behoove local workers to begin thinking strategically about what proactive measures they might take to secure their futures.

  • Get a second source of income. With carnival around the corner, consider a seasonal revenue stream – food, souvenirs, tours, or get creative. Visitors will soon invade the island and they will be willing to spend money. This is not the time to act “shame-faced” as they say.
  • Cut back on your spending. With the introduction of credit cards and cell phones, it seems like some people have lost all common sense when it comes to using their money wisely. People buy what they can’t afford, not thinking of interest rates or other fees financial institutions are charging on the purchases. As for cell phones, SVG is one of the only places I know of where people might not be able to pay their rent but they sure can afford to have two or three cell phones from different companies and use them!
  • Improve your skills. This point can never be overstated. Although we all know education is the key to success, some people stop improving themselves after a certain age or allow their pride or adult peer pressure to stifle their growth. Go back to school, take an interesting course, get your certification. You can find credible online courses and universities that allow you to “attend” from home, but check any possibilities first, because some are merely scam artists parading around in wait.
  • Get an attitude adjustment. This would be a good time to clean up your act at work. If layoffs are to occur and your behavior has been less than desirable, you might soon be history. So, get it together-fast!

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