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Contagious attitudes


It would be a good thing if only positive attitudes were contagious, but unfortunately all attitudes are contagious, negative and positive, and it’s the little things that people do and say that determine how they react. It’s the way the telephone is answered, the way you are treated as you wait in line to be served, the length of time it takes to be acknowledged, the manner in which projects are performed and the tone of voice used when interacting with others.{{more}} These are just some of the instances through which attitudes are expressed in a business environment on a daily basis.

Good or bad, attitudes are contagious. It’s very easy to tell employees to have a positive attitude but the difficulty comes in actually maintaining this posture.

Each employee is personally responsible for the attitude they choose on a daily basis. Regardless of the personal or professional concerns, true professionalism is being able to perform effectively and not let personal feelings interrupt or sabotage work quality.

Here are a few tips to help obtain and maintain a positive attitude.

  • Having a positive attitude is a commitment you make to yourself everyday. It’s consciously making the choice to react to daily situations in a constructive, productive manner.
  • Avoid or reduce time spent with coworkers who complain, or have a negative outlook on life personally and professionally.
  • When you do need to be around negative people, change the topic when they start complaining.
  • Find something good to say to uplift someone else.

Find something positive to focus on. There is an old saying that goes: starve your doubts and feed your faith. Do the same for those times when you are tempted to feed the negative energy that surrounds you.

  • When problems arise that may cause you to react negatively, its best to take a few minutes to regroup and think about your approach.

Attitudes do have a tremendous impact on all organizations. Employers need to monitor their establishments regularly to make sure that the only positive attitudes are contagious in their place of employment.

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