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Challenges to the woman who wants career success


For a small island, St. Vincent has a disproportionate amount of crimes against women – and many of them are never reported. Even so, every few weeks, we seem to read about a woman who has been killed, chopped up, or raped; women who have gone missing; or women who are abused and battered.{{more}} Some of us see evidence of this last group commonly-right in front of our doors and our desks.

A compounding part of this issue is the role of men in Vincentian society. Let’s face it, St.Vincent is still very much a male dominated society, where chauvinistic attitudes towards women are commonly accepted. Unfortunately, the views of husbands and boyfriends are often as destructive as the views of men outside the family.

These men are often the Achilles heel of professional women. They have low self esteem, they are control freaks, they have anger issues, they have few accomplishments to show for themselves, and they have a hard time dealing with a successful woman. To hinder “his” woman’s progress, he may try and limit her activities, he may openly criticize her, he may beat her, or he may simply cheat on her to get her attention.

It takes a tough woman to truly thrive here, and those who do succeed are often referred to by very offensive names and shunned by many in the community -sometimes even other women. Yes, some women aggressively pursue other women and rip them apart with gossip or other forms of professional sabotage; some even target husbands or boyfriends and even families – just because they can.

The woman who dares to step out and work toward a better life for herself and her family in spite of personal challenges will be faced with jealous, low thinking people who can’t see a future for themselves and thrive on the destruction of others. To the sisters who are pushing to make a better life for themselves, here are a few supportive pointers:

  • Hold your head high. Do not be limited by the people around you who continue to see you as a person you used to be. Each day is a new opportunity to create a better you, so make the best of it.
  • Change the scenery. If your male “dominator” or hinderer is a boyfriend, drop him; if he is the husband, pray over him.
  • Get centered. The strength of the women who have gone before you has always been God. Get to know him and let him fight the back biters who attack you, whether they are in your family or on the job. You will always win, just keep your peace.
  • Don’t limit yourself. If you have big dreams, go after them – finish that degree, take that extra course, start the business. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for yourself.
  • Persevere. It may take some time, but persistence never fails. Times often get worse right before you succeed, so stay your course. Cry if you need to, then dry your tears and keep moving.
  • Get support. Find other progressive women who can be your support. Look carefully and choose wisely for women who will be around to hold your hand as you push your way forward.

Remember, you are not alone, and you will succeed.

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