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What gadgets and technologies do you need?


They all say they will make your business life better, but what gadgets and technologies do you really need? Here are a few to consider.

A BlackBerry? If you need instant access to your e-mail, electronic calendar, cell phone, and the Internet or if you travel a lot, you might want to consider purchasing a BlackBerry or something comparable. These devices provide a virtual office that can instantly access any information you have online or in electronic format.{{more}} In addition to the device itself, you must buy a data-communication plan to support your access to the Internet besides the phone plan for your calls. Different companies have different plans, so do your research before signing on any dotted lines. If a BlackBerry is not within your price range, you don’t travel a lot, or you’re simply not interested, consider a regular cell phone and a regular Personal Data Assistant, or “PDA,” to store your contacts and calendar. PDAs do not allow instantly interactive access, but they can be synchronized occasionally with home and office computers via a direct physical link.

Contact management software? The ability to stay in touch with clients will determine the quality of your relationships and how well you are able to translate those relationships into profitable business associations. Most contact management programs will record your clients and prospects and allow you to build a history of your contact with them, group them, and send out mass e-mails to them. Some will also help you project and track sales and make and track budgets.

Social networking sites? MySpace, facebook, YouTube, and Linked are just some of the networking sites that business people are using to help accelerate their careers and businesses online. These posting sites enable you to create a profile that describes your background, your product or service, and other information you wish to share about who you are, and whether you are looking for a job or wanting to market yourself. Make sure your profile is clean and gives people an idea of who you are and what your goals are.

If you’re not sure such investments are right for you, spend some time using free organizing and contact management programs and networking sites and see if they meet your needs. Even if you need something a little more sophisticated and powerful or a site with a slightly different audience, at least you’ll have some background. Once you’ve made the investment, remember that having all the right technology does not guarantee you anything if you don’t have a good attitude, too. Use your technology to organize and get your name out, but then be open to talking and selling yourself-you never know where your next business deal will come from. But, it’s all about making connections.

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