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Looking back and moving forward


2008 is finally here and, no doubt, it comes with no shortage of big ideas, plans, and dreams for your career . . . This year, do something a little different, and don’t let them fizzle out by the end of the month. Before you begin to make a list of goals that are totally unrealistic, take a look back at 2007 and answer the following questions. {{more}}

What challenges did you face in your professional life? Did you have any major setbacks? Do you still see those setbacks as obstacles? Or can you now see around or beyond them to identify opportunities that can propel you forward?

Think about what you learned or should have learned when you failed. Why did you really fail to get that promotion you were salivating over? Why did you allow yourself to get sucked into office politics? Dig up the ugly stuff you wished you could have buried and pick through the reasons to analyze how you handled each situation . . . then think through how you could have handled each one differently to end up ahead instead of behind.

How are you different now, in January 2008, than you were in January 2007? Sure, you were filled with enthusiasm, but what did you learn in the last twelve months? Decide if you are a better person now or if you are simply going through the same motions. Work with your excitement, but don’t be excited just because a new year has begun. Apply what you have learned about yourself as a person to be excited about new directions.

What were your successes? Success is sweet. However, the goal should be to repeat your successes in 2008 and go even farther. But do you know your formula for success? What did you do well? What strategies did you use? Did key people help make your successes possible? Key ideas? Key decisions? There are no chance happenings, so somewhere you followed through or planted a seed to make success happen.

If you are able to clearly analyze 2007 and determine what you did well, along with what you need to improve on, then you are ready to build on 2007 and move into 2008 with a clear head and a rejuvenated mindset. The fact that a new year begins means nothing-unless you, as a more learned person, bring into it a renewed mind with fresh thoughts.

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