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Breaking the cubicle mentality


When I was an employee I prided myself in the quality of my work and getting the job done. Whenever colleagues would invite me out to lunch I would say no thanks. When they went out for drinks after work since I didn’t drink alcohol, I would say no. It never occurred to me that I could still go and drink cranberry juice or order soda. When the company got reduced tickets to plays or sporting events, I was too busy. I brought my lunch every day and while I saved a ton of money by avoiding the over priced sandwiches of the downtown restaurants, I was shooting myself in the foot. I was not building any internal professional relationships at all.{{more}}

Why didn’t I learn this in college? No one ever told me anything about learning how to play the politics in workplace. Being seen and getting to know people is the number one way to move up.

Sitting at your desk or being locked away in your office producing exceptional work will not guarantee you anything but the title of an antisocial, workaholic and you will become the dumping ground for all the grunt work while your colleagues who may produce just good work but possess excellent people skills will be out dining the colleagues on the fast track, executives, and potential clients.

Four things to do right now:

1. Invite two people to lunch from your department or for a quick coffee break.

2. Volunteer for a new project or get involved in a company sponsored community service project.

3. Ask for an informational interview from someone within your department who holds a higher position but who will not feel directly threatened by your attempt to reach out.

4. Make these activities regular. Try to network with someone new weekly and maintain the relationships already in progress.

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