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Office gift-giving etiquette


There always seems to be an occasion to buy a gift for someone at work.

Whether it’s a thank-you for a client, a colleague’s birthday, promotion, or farewell, make sure you are familiar with office gift giving etiquette.

With Christmas coming up in a few weeks, it’s even more important to be aware of what to buy and what to avoid completely.{{more}}

1. When buying for a client, ask about the company’s gift-giving policy as some companies have a no tolerance policy. Some others have a price limit or other limitations.

2. Avoid gag gifts, personal items, homemade and expensive selections.

You can be seen as a show off if you splurge or cheap if you give a bad

homemade gift.

3. Wrap the gift. A nicely wrapped gift indicates that you are a person who is organized and understand the importance of details and first impressions

4. Never recycle gifts. If you have a great gift that you do not want, please rewrap the gift and if you got it at work don’t recycle it at work.

5. Gift certificates, books and gourmet food are great. Be sure you know a little about the persons likes or dislikes before you buy

6. Before you buy for a supervisor or manager, ask what the company policy is. It could be seen as seeking favoritism.

7. Giving is optional, but be fair. If you participate in an office

Christmas Santa stick to the rules and don’t forget to buy the gift.

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