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What do you do when job doesn’t deliver


I receiveD a question from a gentleman that was worth sharing.

Q. What do you do when you apply for a job that promises a lot but delivers on hardly anything and some of the employer’s practices go against your standard of what you consider to be fair and ethical?

A. What a predicament to be in. There are some job hunters who embellish their resumes to look great to a potential employer and there are some employers who dress up a job with a fabulous job description to lure you in. So what do you do once you discovered that you are either in way over your head or the situation is no longer desirable?{{more}}

Don’t quit just yet. Your first reaction might be one of anger especially if you turned down another great offer.

Are you sure? Sometimes starting a new position in a new environment can be stressful and your analytical skills could be a little off. Simple situations can be blown way out of proportion. Maybe the new company doesn’t operate like your old job or the people are not as nice or the new responsibilities seem daunting. All this pressure can sometimes skew your thoughts and emotions. Give yourself time to adjust.

Evaluate and articulate. Be clear about what is not working, write it down so you are not just reacting emotionally but you have evaluated and looked at the problem and can articulate the issue to another person.

Think strategically. Yes, leaving the employer is an option but before you do that have you tried (depending on the situation) to talk with a supervisor or manager about the problem. Sometimes a simple conversation can clear up a misunderstanding or afford you some leverage in redesigning your duties, position or asking again for the promises that were made when you were hired.

Are your values conflicting? If the employer you are working for is engaged in illegal practices or their standards clash with your personal beliefs and values then its time to begin to look elsewhere for work. In the ideal world, you might think that your presence may the catalyst for change but if you decide to go that route know that there could be consequences that you must look at before choosing that option.

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