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Utilising the skills of young workers in today’s workplace


The entire Caribbean basin is bursting at the seams with young people under 35 who are either unemployed or are desperately seeking ways to make head way in the workplace. The competitiveness of the region will depend largely on how well businesses can utilize the skills and talents of today’s young people.{{more}}

Young workers possess an energy and fresh approach that when guided (not controlled) can tackle business problems from a new perspective. They are not jaded by past experiences, politics, or interpersonal issues that seem to stagnate so many organizations. Their focus is on the problem, the desire to make a positive impression and to open the doors of opportunities.

Too often, some businesses promote a corporate culture that rewards employees with promotions to show appreciation for years of service, instead of qualifications. There seems to be an unwritten rule that says no significant position can be attained until an individual is a certain age regardless of qualifications and experience. Such practices drain the lifeblood out of talented, enthusiastic young business leaders. This practice also creates a society of workers that soon prove to be unproductive, bitter and ultimately they too get caught up in this destructive cycle.

Companies already engaging young workers on a large scale are way ahead of the curve. With new competition comes the need to learn new skills and it is easier to teach a young person the new way of business than to teach an experienced person. For the younger worker, the new way is the only way they know; this eliminates the opposition that some experienced workers often put up when asked to change.

This is not to say that young workers have the answer to every business problem. The wisdom of experienced workers is still very much an important piece. However, there are advantages to engaging this population now as the Caribbean prepares to enter potentially dangerous competitive waters that can leave some Caribbean businesses in disaster.

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