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Decorating your office


A recent trip through a department and it’s cubicles brought back memories of a disorderly college dorm floor gone absolutely wild.

There were stuffed animals, questionable posters and one desk made it impossible to imagine that work actually occurred there because of all the knick-knacks. {{more}}

You don’t need to be an interior decorator to tastefully decorate your office. Because the majority of our day is spent at work it’s important to create a work environment that is comfortable and stimulating so productivity and creativity remain high. However, some people get so excited and territorial about their desk or office that they cross the line when decorating. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Your workspace is company property and it is temporary so make sure that the things you choose to make your space personal are limited but classy. If you have a collection keep it small and confined to one place.

2. Keep your space tidy. There really is no such thing as an organized mess, try to clear you desk at the end of the day and maintain neat piles if necessary.

3. Don’t go overboard when buying art. Whether you use the company budget or your own money to decorate your space, buy pieces that are reasonably priced.

4. Avoid inappropriate posters. Posters and calendars with buffed celebrities in swimsuits, in suggestive poses or with questionable sayings should be avoided. It’s simply not appropriate for the office.

5. Limit family photos. Although its important to have pictures of loved ones in your space, every inch of desk and wall space should not be occupied with family photos.

6. Keep clothing to a minimum and store discreetly. If you keep extra shoes or a suit in your office, store suits in a closet and keep shoes in a drawer or closet out of sight.

7. Be customer friendly. If you host customers in your office, always have a clean chair and table space for your visitor to conduct business.

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