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The Caribbean Dream: making it big in business


We often hear that America makes it easy for immigrants to succeed in a country where people can reinvent themselves. While that is true, opportunities are also opening up in the Caribbean that locals need to see and take advantage of. Access to technology, the changing demographics of the islands, the effects of the global economy, the free movements of Caribbean nationals and access to capital is making it a little easier for people with a plan to create their own Caribbean dream.{{more}}

Owning a small business not only serves as a source of income but it can be a source of joy for those who truly love what they do. But before you quit your job and chase after your dream there are a few things to keep in mind.

Identify a need: Take a look around the different communities and try to identify a service or product that can improve people’s lives. It could even be a product or service that is already in existence but if you can think of a way to out do your competition and please customers, then do just that.

Do your research: Once you’ve identified a need, it’s critical to think about all the start-up costs before embarking on a venture. Consider also the marketing strategies you will use to draw customers and keep them. Think seriously about the buying patterns of your potential customers as you want them to solicit your business regularly and bring their friends.

Have a plan: Write it down on paper and map out your strategy of how you plan to start and grow the business. Yes, write a business plan especially if you will need financing for the project, and get a few trusted, experienced business people to help you.

Start small: If you are new to the business of being an entrepreneur it’s best to start small and gain a proper understanding of what it takes to run a profitable business. Seek out the advice of others who are in business and learn from their mistakes.

Be passionate about your work. If you open a company, your primary goal is to make a profit but to do that it may take time for people to get used to the idea that you are in business for yourself. This is when it’s critical to really believe in your mission and stick with it until you accomplish your goal. The start-up phase of a business can be difficult and all successful entrepreneurs know it takes passion, determination, and persistence to move their business forward.

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