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Professional Fault Finders


The best time to learn about the character of your workers is when a project has gone wrong. There are those who will rise to the occasion, pitch in and help and there are those who sit back and only offer their wisdom once damage has been done. The comments usually go something like this: “I knew that was going to happen” or “I saw that coming.” {{more}}

Every office has this type of individual, a fault finding complainer who specializes in pulling ideas and individuals down. Professional fault finders for the most part feel that they are actually doing a great service by constantly pointing out the shortcomings of others; some even believe that their criticism is helpful.

Fault finders never leave themselves open long enough to see the opportunities that lie in challenging situations on the job. Instead they prefer to spend time talking about the problem or person and not about solutions. Often times, people who go out of their way to complain and berate coworkers are very insecure with themselves and their self-esteem is usually very low.

Fault finders feel powerless to make any significant positive change in their own lives and tend to get upset with anyone who attempts to advance himself or herself. The only power they feel they possess is the power to speak ill of others and their situations, and time is spent mastering this art.

If you work with a fault finder, you know how dangerous they can be.

Fault finders can make the workplace unbearable and even hostile. Take a few moments to evaluate the kinds of conversation you engage in on a daily basis; do you think you might be guilty of being a chronic fault finder? As you examine yourself, know that true power and confidence is not achieved when you constantly belittle and criticize others. Instead, strive to be the problem solver, the encourager, the one who sees possibilities amidst mistakes and problems.