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Tips for Business Travelers


Teleconferencing, instant messaging and web based meetings have significantly reduced the need for many businesses to maintain the large travel budgets of 15 or even 10 years ago. Although the Internet has made it easier to meet without leaving your office, business travel is not obsolete. However, it can be stressful and very tiring at times with the new security measures, delays, hotel stays and eating on the run. To minimize the impact of business travel, consider the following tips.{{more}}

1. It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling. Bring your own water in your carry on as food and drinks at airport concession stands tend to be much more costly. Avoid drinks with caffeine like sodas, coffee and teas, and choose a natural juice or water instead.

2. Make it a priority to eat a healthy meal before traveling as many airlines do not serve meals and the food choices available in airport food stands tend to be very high in fat and sugar.

3. Try to book a hotel that has a workout facility; a few minutes of exercise might just be what you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.

4. Be polite to the air stewards, sit down, buckle up and leave your seat only after the captain has given the all clear.

5. You should plan for delays. Carry a book, magazine, write in your journal, finish work on your laptop or carry your Ipod to listen to some great music.

6. If you have an early morning meeting, take along a small travel size alarm clock or ask the hotel for a wake up call.

7. If you are a businesswomen traveling alone in an unfamiliar city, be very alert to ensure your safety. Book a hotel that is in an area considered to be safe, preferably downtown or in a busy hotel district.

8. When checking into your hotel, request a room next to the elevators so you avoid having to walk down long hallways that can be frightening.

9. If you dislike noise, ask for a room away from the elevators and ice machines.

10. Ask the clerk not to say your hotel room number out loud. If they do, please ask for a different room. You never know who is listening and your safety is very important.

11. Stay focused and aware of your surroundings. There are unscrupulous people who do target business travelers. Don’t try to multitask too often. Carefully pack away all important travel documents when finished, and keep your wallet close to you.

12. Dress comfortably and always carry a suit of clothing in the event your bags are delayed or lost.

13. Although ATM and credit cards are convenient, always have some cash. Carry a few one and five dollar bills so you can tip the different service people who help you throughout your trip. Never carry all of your cash in one location. Instead, use the envelope system to make it easier.

14. Whenever possible spend a few extra hours or days after your meeting and get to know the city or have your family meet you in the city. Traveling can be enjoyable and sometimes it’s good to mix work and play.