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When bad employees get promoted


Another position opens up and this time you feel certain it’s yours. But once again you are overlooked. Not only were you passed over for the promotion, but the employee with the worst performance record and dozens of infractions gets the job.

You need to make a choice. You can sit and stew in your juices, talk about what a horrible decision upper management made, go home and cry and have a pity party or get up and be proactive. {{more}} The important thing now is to figure out how to get upper management to notice you the next time a position becomes available.

#1 Identify the position you want.

Be very specific. Identify the exact name of the position, the department, and even the company you want to work with. Write it down.

#2 Set a time line.

When do you want to achieve this position? A time line will help you be more motivated to push toward your goal.

#3 Assess your qualifications.

Do you have the degree, certification, and experience? Are you respected? Is your current reputation helping or hindering your aspirations?

#4 Update your skills.

Take a few classes or obtain a degree if necessary. Know your professional and personal weaknesses and work on them. Sharpen your

business and social etiquette, written and public-speaking skills.

#5 Network.

Build a reputation as a reliable professional person and offer to help others. Network in different companies but also network within your company. Speak to people currently in the position you aspire to hold.

#6 Go the extra mile.

Volunteer for extra projects in the organization, but be strategic and choose projects that will showcase your skills to decision makers.

#7 Get a mentor and an advocate.

A mentor will guide you and advise you and an advocate will speak on your behalf in circles of power. You need both, but you are ultimately

responsible for your successes and failures.

#8 Speak of your accomplishments.

Do not avoid speaking about what you have achieved. Don’t be arrogant but speak confidently about the results you have attained in your current position.

#9 Dress the part.

Always dress for the position you seek. Leadership and your peers are deciding if you are eligible for a future promotion based on what you look like and how you speak and act now.

#10 Talk with your supervisor.

Tell that person what you want to achieve and ask for suggestions on how to reach your goal. A good supervisor will help.

#11 Know when to leave.

If the fit is not right, it’s best to leave and find a company that fits you best.