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Money out the window


While attending a few business meetings recently, it was interesting to note the number of business people who attended the function and did not bring business cards. {{more}}

The reasons for not having a business card range from, “I ran out of cards,” “I changed bags,” “I left the office in a hurry,” “The boss

don’t give us business cards,” “I know everybody here.”

Although the business card appears to be very simple, it is a crucial tool when doing business. Going to work-related functions without a card sends the message that you are not ready to do business.

Imagine you are an entrepreneur or an executive and you have a potential client engaged in a conversation, they are interested in your product and then they say “give me your business card and I will have my secretary contact you to iron out the details.” You reply, “I don‚t have one, but let me write on a piece of paper for you.” What kind of impression do you think you just made?

A card makes doing business with you easy. People can find you and they should be able to tell from the printed information what you do. Even if they do not call you with leads immediately, the potential is there for future contact.

Remember to:

l Put business cards in all your bags and even in your car. That way you should never be in a place where you can’t obtain one. This is especially true for the self-employed.

l Replenish your card supply weekly if you attend meetings regularly.

l Always put much more than you think you will need.

If your company does not issue business cards and you are often asked to represent the company in public functions, bring up the subject with someone in authority. There are many inexpensive ways to print cards.

For those who feel they know everyone, please be aware that the business population is changing and the chances of meeting a new contact is increasing.

The Caribbean is becoming a more desirable place to conduct business for many foreign companies, so be ready.

A good contact is like money in the bank. Don’t throw yours out the window.