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Be neighbourly

Be neighbourly


Mosquitoes continue to be a big problem a real nuisance. Does the condition exist on your property that provides breeding places for mosquitoes? The authorities say that mosquitoes breed in septic tank, discarded vehicle tires, containers, drums etc. Have you checked your septic tank recently? Almost every community except Fancy has conditions that promote the breeding of mosquitoes. Why do we continue to wonder? Why do we not take action? Why? We had chikengunya. It was devastating. Yet we stand aloof hoping for some a miracle. The miracle is within us. We ourselves have to take action. Are we waiting for another chikenguna? We escaped the worst effect of the deadly Zika virus. Mosquitoes pick up and carry diseases more than any other insects. So we allow them to take over the place, drive away locals and visitors. Take action Vincy! Don’t allow careless people to have full sway. Talk gently to your neighbor. Offer help where possible to clear the breeding grounds because we are suffering silently.

Air conditioner is touted as giving the most relief from mosquitoes and there is the inverter which gives us a little comfort with our energy bill but who wants to live in a bubble? Who wants the expenses of air conditioning? It can cause our electric bill to escalate in only one night. Ours is a moderate climate. Why can’t we enjoy the natural breeze coming through our windows? Or through our louvers? We need to make the effort to eradicate this pest. It only takes one mosquito to make your night miserable. It has to share your space for the continued existence of the specie.
You sleep under a net but sometimes the little creature finds its way under your net and injects its poison into your body. Your body reacts with the tell tale red spot that continue to sting for days after. You applied an alcohol pad, or antibiotic ointment but it is too late. There remains a scar; perhaps it would be there for life if you do not use some cocoa fat butter to help it to fade.
I check everyday to see if there are breeding places in my space. There is none that I can find. What does that leave me with? Since there is no breeding place on my property, then I presume it is my neighbor’s. The experts say that mosquitoes do not go too far from their breeding place.

There was some fogging recently but how effective is this? Has there been any improvement? What is the chemical make up of the spray? The vector control team goes out into your area. They were in my area. What were their findings? Mosquitoes are still teaming. I check with my friends at other places. No good news.

Some people tell me that they spray their bedrooms with bop or some other before bedtime. I guess some mosquitoes are killed in the process, but the down side is that you inhale some of the chemicals and when you open your windows more mosquitoes come in. Some people use repellents, but who wants to use chemical on one’s skin. The only solution is to get rid of the breeding place of the mosquitoes.

Tell me what you are doing if you are not living in an air condition bubble. Let us eradicate mosquitoes today. I want to hear from you please. Let me hear of the natural ways of countering mosquitoes. Be neighborly.