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Mosquitoes are relentless


Mosquitoes are on the rampage. They never seem to stop looking for blood. I think they should be doomed to extinction, but that is only if we make a concerted effort to destroy them. They continue to bite and suck blood, leaving scars on our bodies. Their continued existence depends on that life-saving blood from human beings. Do we want to continue to feed them all the time? While we suffer from the pain they cause, they continue to survive. I feel offended that those tiny creatures could outsmart human beings and put us under so much pressure.

It is with our help that they survive. It is that blood from the human body that they are able to hatch thousands of eggs. We need to make every effort to get rid of them. Do you remember Chickengunya? We suffered so much pain and discomfort from the disease. It is said that it hastened the death of some people. Some people continue to blame Chickenguna for some of the aches and pain they suffer today. Let us get together and work to get rid of these disgusting pests. Unless you have airconditioning you have to open the window or the louvre to let in some fresh air and this is how the little creatures slip into the house. They also slip in when you open the door.

It has been established that their breeding ground is stagnant water, whether fresh or not so fresh. It must be easy to get rid of their breeding ground by getting rid of stagnant water. The experts also claim that they breed in septic tanks. It is therefore your duty to secure this breeding ground so that they do not get to lay their numerous eggs. Seal the holes with cement. The experts have also established that they do not fly too far from their breeding ground. It means that if you continue to encourage mosquitoes, not only you, but also your neighbors will feel the effects. Therefore, we must methodically search them out. Communities can designate a day to look around for the breeding ground of these relentless creatures. Get rid of receptacles that can collect water, including discarded items, coconut shells, old tyres; anything that can collect rainwater. Clear the stagnant sides of rivers and streams. Clear all drains in your area. Check items like vases inside the house. Put some oil in the water or change it daily. Buckets and drums containing water should be covered securely. A tiny creature like this should not outmaneuver human beings. But it appears as if they are winning over human beings.

Do your due diligence. Mosquitoes torment human being and cost money. You will have to continue to buy sprays and repellant if you do not destroy their breeding places. Mosquitoes hide away in dark or bushy areas waiting to pounce. They come into your homes uninvited. Do not show any mercy, because they are relentless.

Historically, the mosquito has been not only a menace, but also a killer. They wiped out population in early colonization in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Mosquitoes have been the carrier of yellow fever, dengue fever and other diseases. It is time to get rid of them. The law expects you to do your part by not providing an environment for them to breed and multiply. You are endangering the population by having stagnant water on your property that attracts mosquitoes. The time is now! Act now against this danger!

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law. E-mail address is: [email protected]