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Say thanks


There are so many things for which we should be thankful. When we open our eyes in the morning many of us say thanks to our maker for saving our lives to see another day and for all the things that we enjoy for our sustenance. I get this encouragement from my “What’sapp” friends urging me to be thankful (although I fuss many times about the drudgery of deleting).

There are many times when we take things for granted and think that our lives are in our own hands. Yes, we have to be careful in every step we take and we have to be mindful that we do not step on others, for there are so many things in our space, in our universe, that are dependent on the works of others. We are dependent on the hard work, sweat and tears of others. For all these we must say thanks.

History reveals the many contributions of those who have gone before us. We ride on the backs of our ancestors for the many improvements in our lives. They endured severe hardship and struggled to make ends meet. Money and resources were not in abundance. The system was against them, but they left a better world for us. Our lives are indeed better because of them. Today, we can build on the foundation that they laid. Today, our children can realize their potential in the many educational institutions. For everything, we must say thanks.

Our legal system that is in place, provides laws not only to punish offenders, but also to protect us. It gives some degree of security and peace of mind in these challenging times. There are some places we can go to take our grievances and settle our disputes. The courts provide a way for us to be heard. It could be expensive, but mediation, a cheaper path to justice, is available if we so desire. There is an array of court personnel through whom many services are made possible. For all, we must say thanks.

There was a time when workers from overseas provided services in top positions in our country. You would recall the many headteachers who came to manage the older secondary schools and the doctors who provided services in our hospital. Today, we have our own countrymen, sons and daughters of the soil. We have doctors, teachers, civil servants and nurses among others who are willing and capable. We have an obligation not to undermine or discourage them. We have to show our appreciation and gratitude for our hardworking people at the higher and lower levels. For all those who steer the ship of state we are grateful and must say thanks.

The work of our farmers, labourers and fishermen, those stalwarts who bring us fresh and healthy foods, must be recognized. For every worker, who in many ways contributes to the well-being of our country, we say thanks.

There is one young woman who stands clearly in my memory. She came to my office to ask for a contribution, as she was about to go overseas to undertake an important medical procedure. I made a contribution. When it was over she came back to my office and insisted that she sees me. She was not going to leave until she saw “the lady in that office.” She returned to say thank you. It made me happy that my small contribution helped. Giving can bring immeasurable happiness and “thank you” can go even further in making the world a happier place.]

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law. E-mail address is: