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Love and respect for our fellowmen


Many people would tell you that love is the answer to all our ills. Our lives would be happier and richer for it, but do we practice what we preach? The Bible says that we must love our neighbor as we love ourselves.{{more}} In fact, there would be fewer quarrels and fewer lawsuits if love prevails.

Thomas Hobbes in his book “The Leviathan’ postulates that in the state of nature human beings were basically selfish and that life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. On the other hand, the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau saw man as fundamentally good but that he is corrupted by society. They both thought that government would help man out of the state of nature, but governments have not been able to solve the problem of human relations. We need to have love and compassion in order to have satisfaction and happiness in our lives. It has to be a conscious effort on our part. Very often we allow elements such as politics, material things and selfishness to creep into our lives to destroy the serenity and goodness in us. I hope that by the sentiments expressed in this article you would see those around you through the eyes of love.

Goodwill to all

We can make our lives more satisfying if we pledge to love rather than hate, if we embrace people rather than push them away; if we celebrate their successes rather than their failures and if we respect instead of disrespect them. Whether rich or poor, the other person deserves your goodwill.

The sufferings of others

I have heard many unkind things said about persons. I have seen many unreasonable actions taken against them resulting in pain, suffering, stress and hardship. We have to cope with the elements – the heat, pests, and natural disasters over which we have no control. Diseases afflict us and we must deal with a wide range of problems while making a living. Since we have control over our actions, most times we can avoid adding to the sufferings of others. We add to the sufferings of others when we insult them, accuse them wrongfully, ignore them, or pour scorn on them.

It does not mean that because we love someone that we have to approve his wrongful actions. It means that to prevent further wrong we would rebuke him in a way that would be for his enlightenment. The love that we have for others permits us to forgive them and to continue a friendship instead of an enmity. We cannot dismiss all those who slight or wrong us. Let not silly pride absorb our lives.

Be selfless

We see the lack of love and respect in the work place. Some people come to their jobs in a nasty mood. They intimidate and harass the customer or their co-workers. We need to be more selfless. Forget our own problems and concentrate on serving others in a considerate manner.

Be the best in whatever you do

Life is short. Soon we would be looking back on a life with some regrets if we continue to show little concern for others.

Start now! Make life easier for others. Tell them that you love them, shake a hand or give a hug, a smile or simply be the best in whatever you do.

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law.

E-mail address is: [email protected]