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A crime free Carnival


Congratulations, to all concerned, we have done it. According to the news around town, apart from a few pick pocketing incidents, there were no major crimes. The police must be commended for their hard work and commitment. Not only were they being visible especially when there were huge crowds but they maintained peace and order. They saw the Vincentian public as partners in the fight against crimes and graciously commended them for a violence free carnival.{{more}} Those who deserve praises must be given praises. I am certain that everyone was happy to get back their festival. It is a pity, that with such great artistry, pageantry and creativity carnival celebrations have for some time been marred by crimes. Let us try to maintain the status quo for all times.

A crime free society

Vincentians would be grateful for a crime free society. The maintenance of such will be no easy task. But many of us could remember a time when crimes did not dominate the scene, when it was possible to walk the street without fear of being molested. We are already overwhelmed by the vagaries of everyday living. We have to deal with high food and electricity prices. We have to share our space with the numerous irritants such as mosquitoes, sand flies and ants. It is therefore an unnecessary strain to have to deal with criminals who are human beings like ourselves. The high presence of police on the street of Kingstown contributed in some ways to the absence of major crimes during the carnival celebrations. Perhaps a presence in greater numbers could help in the wider society.

We have many things to be thankful for but we wish to be spared from some of the crimes that we have seen of late. It would be a happy day, a day of freedom, when we could throw off all the iron bars and padlocks that we have to use to protect ourselves and our homes because the fear of forced entry continues to pervade our lives. Let us work to have a crime free society now. With constant vigilance and good neighbourly spirit we can do our part in the prevention of crime.

Lessons from Carnival

There are many lessons that could be learnt from the recent carnival festivity. The designs, artistry and creativity that were exhibited no doubt brought home the point that our people are highly talented. Our mass men did a wonderful job to provide an awesome package. Mardi Gras show on Tuesday, 8th provided a spectacle that would not be easily forgotten.
Very evident too was that festive spirit, that oneness of mind and unity among revelers. Everyday worries and political division appeared to have evaporated for a while. The revelers performed as if their whole life depended on it.

If we are to transfer the energy, the zeal and the talent to other areas of our lives we would be a nation par excellence. Carnival has provided us with some positive inspirations. Lets us not dwell on the negative but go forth with a renewed effort to build our country and make it a happy place for the present and future generations.

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law.
E-mail address is: [email protected]