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Madness allowed to breed sadness


Imagine ah 19-year-ole young man, Nicholas Cruz, named after ah Saint, ah suppose, was able to legally keep at home ah deadly AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, designed for military use, den get past security at his school, from which he was expelled, set off de ‘Fire Alarm,’ and as de kids scampered foh life from classrooms, he picked dem off, one by one, sending dem to Glory Land!

It was ah carnage on de compound, 17 students and teachers killed, another 16 people wounded; tells you dat America is not doing something right.

De moment ah hear ‘bout de massacre and dat it was at ah school in Florida, ah wanted to go toilet. Ah have ah son, grand and great-grand children living dey. As de story unfolds, we hearing dat Nicholas was an orphan, father died when he was ah baby, his adopted mother died last November. It was no secret dat he was mentally disturbed, he was ah bully, abused his Girl-friend, beat-up de boy-friend of his ex-girl-friend… ah could reason wid dat! When he didn’t want to go school he would butt his head against ah wall. He was last expelled from school foh threatening other students. And FBI say dey had some 20 calls foh service dat had to do wid Nick and his brother. Ah read some-way dat Police actually visited his home thirty-one (??) times following reports of misbehavior. His neighbor actually made ah video of de youngster using ah “bird gun” foh target practicing at de back of his home. He was cruel to dumb animals, had fun killing ah lot ah pets, setting his dog pon de neighbour’s pig, act-shuns dat Experts say are early signs of ah criminal in de making. He practiced Martial Arts releasing his anger pelting punches and kicks on dem cars parked along de road-side. What is unbelievable is dat Nicholas Cruz, a mentally deranged person, was able to pass ah background check to purchase and keep an AR-15 military Rifle.

However, de scene at de grave-side foh Nick’s Mother’s funeral last November, would ah bring tears to anyone’s eves. Dey were only four people at de graveside: he, his girlfriend and two brothers. He commented later dat it was de most pain-full moment in his life. Today we see hundreds of student survivors of de High School shooting, protesting big time. But on dat cold day in November 2017, when Nick was standing alone as he placed his mother’s Ashes in ah tomb, not even one ah dem, student or teacher was dey to simply say: “hey’s ah shoulder to lean on Nick.” What ah cold and uncaring society!”

Dat could never happen in SVG. We have we problems, abuse, dirty polly-ticks, but de biggest funerals in SVG, is when ah student’s mom or dad dies, de whole school turns out in uniform, giving full support. Yes, de whole of America calling foh ah ban on Guns hoping dat will be de solution to gun violence. Maybe, just maybe de Radios, TV stations, Yutube, Facebook and whatever should be playing ah song by Becket dat we don’t often hear : “Love is de Answer!” Real Madness breeding Real Sadness!


Lie-Za say: “Everybody Monkey ah he Pet!” so if anybody run dey mouth pon her child, she will tell dem to go way de plum seed dat monkey swallowed got stuck. She got speech boy! She say if de PM tell his son to stay quiet, say nothing about de You-gee fiasco, den he Pry-minister, should also resort to dig-defied silence. But to tek de scandal and draw ah parallel comparing Calm-low’s innocence wid de perfection of Jesus Christ is ridiculous. De innocence of de perfect Jesus Christ is not, was not and will never be in dispute. Ah Woman found committing Ah-dull-tree was brought to Jesus foh Judgement. Ah man had to be involved but according to Moses Law, he maintained Dignified Silence. Jesus in His profound Judgement, never asked de woman ah question, never said de woman was crazy or sent her foh mental assessment. He simply forgave her, dismissed de Case and told her to go and sin no more. You-gee has admitted ah lot ah guilt while her alleged other half maintains ah silence, dat is now compared with dat of Jesus Christ. And nobody, no pastor, no tele-vandalist is man or woe-man enough to tell de Pry-minister stay silent too, for “God is not mocked and Jesus is God!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.