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Is Sir James back??


Ah spent close to two hours of my Valentine’s morning listening to what seems like an energized Sir James, putting to-get-her ah package dat wrapped up ah lot ah current social issues, including:‘de abusive handling of Yuh-Gee Fah-Real Saga’; ‘de No-Confidence More-shun in de Go-venom-mint dat was bull-dozed into ah Vote of Confidence’; de findings of his named ‘String Quartet’ of Constitutional Musicians wid ‘PR and de PM on violins, Francis Alexis on Viola and Linton Lewis on Cellist or Bass.’ Sir James still wid dem Nickname and labels, remember ‘Winking, Blinking and Nod,’ before dat was ‘Bat but doh Score’ and ‘Breadfruit Men-tell-at-tea.’ He sounded like when he was de lone Opposition voice in de House defying Cato’s strongest Go-venom-mint in de world.

One ah de high point of Sir James’ interview was his concern for de intimidation of individuals in SVG; de element of Fear of people not wanting to open dey mouth. Yes, is ah lot of us seeing things taking place dat’s unfair and unjust, but because it is not about us, or as Sir James put it, we Fraid, we say nothing. However he went on to remind PM Gone-soft about de good ole ‘Commonest Days’ how people wid dissenting voice were treated. Ah had to tape what he said: “In Russia dey pick yuh up and charge yuh of all sort of things and before yuh get ah Judgement out ah Court, dey pick yuh up, dey send yuh to Siberia in de Gulag and dey inject yuh, and after your body is destroyed dey destroy yuh mind.” If yuh want to play “fill in de blanks” in de foregoing paragraph, just replace Russia wid SVG, ”You” put “You-Gee,” replace Sibera and de Gulag wid SVG and Mental Home respectively.

Say way yuh like, dey are people who still believe dat de whole plan was to send You-Gee to Mental Home to waste down beyond rehabilitation. She should count her Lucky Stars foh dat Man name Rickie Burnett. Meanwhile de You-Gee Saga continues to spread outside SVG, ah hear dat dey’s ah protest slated to take place simultaneously in Canada, de USA, England and a couple Caribbean islands. What ah mess!


Ah love traditions and Valentine is ah fruit of “De Love Vine.” Believe it or not men get to mek up lost time wid dey Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day. Lie-Za was telling me how her fellar Lie-Owe took her to Young Island foh Valentine’s Dinner, and she had “Baked Chicken stuffed wid spinach and Goat cheese” (yummy yummy), how she couldn’t resist going to de kitchen to meet de Chef, Chris John. Ah keep hearing ah lot ah great things about Chris’ cooking, he has been around foh over 20 years at Young Island. Secretly ah going to ask Chef Chris to teach me how to mek dat dish, den ah going prepare ah meal and invite Lie-Za over.

Valentine’s Day was also de First Anniversary of de opening of de Argyle International Airport. And of course dis has been and will continue to be de ULP’s election trump card, so dey will be big celebrations at Argyle dis weekend. What would be nice, is if one ah de speakers could be gracious to remind de crowd dat de Airport as pretty as it looks, continues to be ah drain on de Nay-shun’s purse, and is not likely to show profit now or maybe never will, but it is de vehicle whereby local people should be encouraged to get involved into profitable businesses dat is now possible wid an International Airport. Ah wish Lie-Za would put her questions directly to de PM She asking foh de final Financial Statement of de Airport, done by de Director of Audit. She asking tuff questions, but she looking foh ah ride to de Airport to celebrate. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.