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Only in Sin-Vin-Sin


Is only in Sin-Vin-Sin ah ‘Par-liar-men-tree-girl’ could go virus… oops… viral and claim she had ah fling wid ah mini-star of Go-venom-mint, she goes to de wuk-place of de wife of de Mini-star, using strong language, describes her as ah “dirty beach.” She gets arrested and charged, taken to Court, plead not guilty, de Mad-is-straight sends her to de Mad House foh ah crazy ‘one weak assessment’. She returns to Court to be sent back to de Mad House foh another ‘one weak assessment’; finally she returns to Court and Magistrate Rickey Burnett, ah man wid ah daughter and ah conscience, would not be ah part of de non-cents, granted her bail and adjourned de case to December. On de other hand, for her forbear-ants, suffer-ants, toler-ants and dignified sile-ants, de victim-eyes wife earns a promo-shun to one of de highest paid CEO wuk, only in Sin-Vin-Sin!

But is only in Sin-Vin-Sin when de masses protested, showing disdain foh all dis Bassa Bassa, ah prominent female supporter described de size of de crowd as: “we had ah bigger crowd at our Rape Rally!”

Is only in Sin-Vin-Sin when de Awe-Position Party called foh ah vote of No Confidence in de Go-venom-mint, dat on de day when dat More-shun was down foh hearing, de Pry-minister presents an amendment, ley me repeat “an amendment” to de More-shun. After speaking first on his amendment to de No-Confidence More-shun, lo and behold dat amendment was relabeled ah More-shun of Confidence in de Go-venom-mint. Only in Sin-Vin-Sin!

Is only in Sin-Vin-Sin, during de Budget, if de Awe-position is absent from de House, having walked-out in protest, and no one to reply, de Go-venom-mint is left wid dey pants down and not even ah Plan B. Par-liar-mint den uses coconut “bat-n-bawl” Rules dat states when an opposing team fails to turn up foh de game; de proposing team claims victory by de-fault. De cap-tin or de Head ah de House in dis case, den calls on de Speaker to declare de match over. Lie-Za asking dat even though de Awe-position is absent, doesn’t every Minister of Go-venom-mint have an obligation to present ah ministerial report to de nay-shun?

Only in Sin-Vin-Sin way every 20 years, supporters of de opposing parties, take turns to Boo de Governor General in public. In 1998, ULP supporters, as part of dey effort to mek de country un-governable, not only booed Sir Charles, but also attempted to overturn his vehicle when he was leaving Par-liar-mint. So on Monday, it was disgusting, but not surprising, when Sir Frederick Ballantyne became ah victim of pull-it-to-kill verbal vandal-is-him. Sir Fred is ah nay-shun builder in de field of medicine, in addition to his 40-plus years service at our hospital, he played ah significant role in bringing to SVG de Kingstown Medical College (dat ran to Grenada under ULP), Sir Fred also is involved in de World’s Paediatrics Program (Dr Dhatta’s Pet Project). But dat is how we say Thank Yuh. Only in Sin-Vin-Sin,

Wid all dis non-cents going on, ah went looking at my Crystal Bowl and see way fear stalks de ULP inner camp. Something big is about to happen, all yuh better tek warning, yuh better do good! When dat bombshell drops, remember “is only in Sin-Vin-Sin!”


Ley we look on de bright side. Ah was happy to attend ah Mini Trade Fair at GHS presented by students of Form 5 Integrated Economics Class. De Students are now into de topic ‘International Trade’ and are encouraged to produce goods and services dat can be exported. So 13 present and aspiring entrepreneurs, who are actually ‘hands on’ producers, were invited to display dey products and wid ‘no holds barred’ talk one and one wid de students. Interestingly, Rayon ‘Madzart’ Primus was de lone blessed male among 12 young females, presenting real Vincy soil-based products: Brio Che’s Coconut oil and its many bi-products, we getting places wid flour made from our local potato, plantain, cassava etc. A wide variety of peanuts and chips, sea foods (conchs); Wadada textiles, Crystal Oliver, N’Dambi Cards; Coffee and Cocoa, if ah fail to men-shun Chocolate by Touch of Dawn, ah will be put in de Dog House. Erica ‘Country Style’ shared her 30 years of valuable experiences and challenges. Basically, dis exercise was to appraise de students of de many challenges in ah small successful business, standards, presentation, many hours of hard-work, which is ah must. Economics teacher, Mrs La Toya De Roche-John, herself an entrepreneur, is at de fore of all of dis and she gets ah ten out ah ten also! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor,folklorist and social commentator.