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Ah new Doc on de block


As late as it seems, ah still wish to congratulate young Niyan Fraser on the attainment of ah Ph D in Management and Commerce (specializing in Entrepreneurship Education) from de University of Tasmania. Lie-Za say how his dad Dr Adrian Fraser ‘feeling-ah-how’ because people calling home asking to speak to de ‘young,’ Doctor Fraser.

Two weeks ago, Lyf Compton of Searchlight, did ah very interesting interview of Niyan, and part of Lyf’s opening paragraph reads: “He’s ready to share his knowledge with the world starting wid his own country, SVG.” Ah shook my head and smiled, because only ah few short years ago, dat same young man had returned home wid his Masters Degree bursting wid enthusiasm, looking foh a job. He then applied to fill ah vacancy as ah Lecturer at de Community College. Poor chap, he didn’t know dat there was ah grudging Yellow Line drawn thru de name Adrian Fraser. Obviously, he didn’t get the job, and what was even worse was dat de anxious job hunter was NOT even given de common courtesy of an acknowledgement of his application.

But dat’s how it has been going in de ULP Die-Nasty wid specially planted Sycophants in ministries. Dey incompetent Oops!, sorry dey competent at promoting demselves and de Die-Nasty chain, blocking and crushing de aspirations of worthy young people. How well ah remember my Grand-daughter who had successfully completed de Nursing Course here in SVG, finishing among de very top ah de class. Dey were 45 vacancies to be filled at de Hospital, everybody else was appointed except dat child. De story from dat meeting was, when her name came up for selection, Lucifer’s wife who cheered de meeting, asked two questions: “Who is she (Bassy Alexander) and what colour is she (Red or Yellow)?” But all praises to de Mighty One” “ Who God bless is blessed and who God curse is cursed!” Just like how my grand-child had to move out, on and up, so too did de younger Fraser; except dat in his case he is back wid ah PHD (Pile it High and Deep) to further frustrate dem, or is it ah Thank Yuh Gift foh madam Lucifer. Ah feel happy foh de Fraser family, and wish dat de Ministry of Education, that once rejected Dr Fraser Jr. will redeem itself and invite him to be a part of an Entrepreneurship Education Unit. And to de young-man himself ah say: “Be ah part of de real Dynasty, de Father, Son and Holy Ghost!” Beware of any Die-Nasty!


And de other one is dat Grant Connell, son of Lieutenant Bob Connell and grand-son of chief Whaler/ship-captain, Bertram Wallace both of Blessed Memory. When de proprietors of de Grass Roots Tennis Court along Murray Road gave Grant notice to quit, indicating dey needed space to park dey cars; dem ole men genes woke-up, sending Grant to ah higher calling. He is now all over SVG promoting Grass Root Tennis, Football, Basketball among young people. One weekend de Grass seeds were scattered among de youths of Sharpes wid “de Major” Seeing Clear Lay-Cock providing his Balls oops, de Footballs; de next week it was South Rivers way de Come-Red showed he truly had Balls, ah whole sack! Den Bequia way Doc Friday gave all his Balls. Last Sat-dey, notwithstanding some poorly designed negative vibes from officials of de Sports Council, Team Grass Root went to Fancy wid coaches conducting sessions in Football, Tennis and Basketball. And of course de Fancy Folks gave dem ah real Fancy ‘Doctor Fish’ boil-up. Last Sunday it was “Grass Root Tennis foh Hope” at Grand View Tennis Facility, raising Funds in aid of Die-or-be-tease and Pass-Straight Cancer among men in denial. Sir Fred was dey like de Freddy we all know; Bing and yours truly gave pep talks, boasting about our diseases and the many battles that we have won in de War. Proprietor, Tony Sardine of short pants tradition was present, donned in ah pair of brand new Short Pants. Ah must big-up de lickle youths who gave a magnificent demonstration of Grass Root Tennis, closely watched by Corey Huggins, ah former tennis youth himself. Thank you, Grant! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.