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De churches must lead de battle


My once peaceful village was in shock on Sat-day night, when one of our young ladies, who lives two houses above me, ah mother of three toddlers, was shot in de head, dead! Another Murder! We up to one Murder ah week in SVG.Four elections ago, de people of SVG had grown tired of de NDP Go-venom-mint, misbehaving, dey needed ah reality check. De “promise-ah-lot” ULP, den in Awe-Position claimed readiness. Dey convinced voters dat dey had de solution to just about everything: Hell’t, Banana (de salvation), Our-Root, and top ah de list, was de escalation of Crime. Even promising to mek de country ungovernable, now dey can’t stop. ULP promised to be “Tough on Crime!” and narrowed down de cause of de Crime sit-yuh-hear-shun in SVG to two people, de PM, Mitchell and de Commissioner of Police, Ran’d-off Two-cent.

De people said bye to de NDP and herald in de ULP. Lie-Za noticed dat after 16 years, four terms of ULP wid as many Police Commissioner, one, two, three four; Crime is at its record highest! Not even de “promise to be tough” PM could keep track, de murders happening too frequent. Lie-Za say, he ducking because people clamoring foh him to provide answers and solution to dis cronic Crime situation. She dying to hear him repeat his M.T. Promise dat he made when Sir James and Too-saint were supposed to be running things ah-mock.

Dat Lie-Za too provoking, she say just like how we have had four Commissioners and nothing happening, maybe ah second or third Prime Minister, not necessarily “tougher on crime” maybe “ah soft and gentle on Crime” leader would ah done ah better job.

My take is dat dis Crime thing especially de Murder incidences is demon-ache. Jesus had ah lot ah battle wid demons. Dey still roaming de earth all over, SVG not excluded. And foh de second time ah calling on de Churches to declare war pon Satan in every community. Hold Crusades, Open Air Services. Move de Church onto de street, blast dem sound system, use musical instruments, Pan, horns, drums, tambourines, bells let de people praise God and “chase de demons back to hell!


We down to de last day in September, designated Breast Cancer Awareness month in SVG, and ah must Big-up FCIB foh once again playing a major role in de promotions. Dey provided space in de Customer Service area, so de Breast Cancer Society could Pink-up ah stall to exhibit and sell Awareness Souvenirs; Caps, T-Shirts, Bandanas, ribbons etc. FCIB is holding ah Fitness Walk on Sat-dey afternoon as well. If ah could mek ah suggestion foh more Awareness, ah would mek it ah slow walk around town on Sat-dey morning, accompanied by ah Steel Band; walkers collecting donations from de general public. But ley de FCIB do dey thing and hope more corporate citizens will team up.

Maybe those of us Prostate Cancer survivors could stop hiding in our cancer cells, organize ah walk, show off our Light Blue Awareness colour and raise funds to help our brothers pay foh de PSA’s, Biopsies and treatments.


Dis one is hot! Lie-Za going on de calm-pain trail wid Kay Back-us her family. “Aunty K” is her pull-it-to-Kill name, she says. She hear Doc Ferdinand giving way so dat her “Aunty K” could be made ah Senator. Is hell in Par-liar-mint wid de Three Must-Kay-tease: “Lea-cock, Dan-yell and Kay!” And how Bequia People say dat Sir James is rejuvenated and ready. How he and Doc Friday sweet, yuh will think Friday is ah Mitchell or Sir James is ah Friday. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.