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Humpty Dumpty was a large canon


An e-mail was sent to me concerning de May-lay at de Vincy U-Nutty Pick-Nick, stating how ah member or non-member of de Committee lobbied foh Doc Fry-dey to address de Pick-knickers; but an emerge-an-see Nine-Member Jury held ah meeting wid ah 6-3 verdick to block Doc Fry-dey, an elected member of Par-liar-mint and de New official leader of de Awe-position to “bring greetings” from home.

OK it’s ah Fun Day, not ah pull-it-to-kill Ting, so no polly-to-shun needs to speak.. But on de other hand Sen. Luke Browne, a nominated member of de House, who Failed to Pass de ‘pole’ in de last elect-shun, was officially invited and he spoke. Whether is Luke or Fry-dey I have ah problem where ever ah lickle Organ-I-say-shun having ah function, from ah Christening, to ah Funeral, once ah polly-to-shun present, s/he must speak. It is always ah welcome sight to have some ah these Official Characters come to yuh Church to fellowship. So yuh recognize dey humble presence and greet dem like everybody else; invite dem to participate in accordance with dey Spiritual Commitment, and at de point of de service when “Lives are Challenged” give dem an open invitation to “come to de Alter” not to de Pulpit to address de gathering and play Polly-ticks wid God’s words. Man dem things is what does “Blight de Church” and “stunt de growth.”

But like Too Too, de Vincy U-Nutty Pick-Nick incident hit de Fan. Hypocrisy was on try-all! Throughout de years, de organ-I-say-shun has never had someone from de Awe-position speak, so dey ‘fraid to rock de boat, or as Lie-Za puts it, in every one ah dem Organ-I-say-Shun dey’s ah ULP boots-licker, who is ah Graduate in “thinking like de Come-Red.” Dey know Ralph’s likes and dislikes more dan Ralph knows himself. So from de time dey hear “Fry”, somebody say nah “Dey!” “How E go look when de Prime Minister hears dat unlike he, Fry-dey could reach Canada and ah-dress de biggest coming to-get-her of Vincies in Eastern Canada.

Now dat was ah simple matter. Something dat ah bold and brave Fitz Huggins ought to have interceded and provided sound guidance. Rebuke de folks and reason wid dem, dat de very same division taking place at home, about which so many of dem come-plain and condemn, is exactly what is about to happen at de U-Nutty Pick-Nick. Live up to de slogan “U-nutty” and invite both Luke and Doc Fry-dey to speak, wid ah condition dat dey will “Bring Greetings Only!” There will be “No pull-it-tek-in, No Calm-Pain-in!” Any diversion will result in a lowering of de sound system. Clearly all ah dis could ah bin avoided if de PM had attended de Pick-Knick.

Lie-Za has ah question foh de Commissioner. “Is de STORM -IN de PM’s office by de executive of the Police Welfare Association foh MATTERS dat have not been addressed; more SERIOUS dan de actual MATTERS demselves dat he Commissioner has FAILED to address?”

Humpty Dumpty was dis Big Egg on ah Wall. But English Folklore tells us dat Humpty Dumpty was an unusually Large Canon mounted on de protective Wall of St Mary’s Church in Colchester. It was intended to protect de Parliamentarian stronghold, dat was temporarily in control of de Royalists during de English Civil War of 1641-1949. But all it took was one Canon from de Parliament, and it shattered de Wall and down came Humpty Dumpty. All de King’s Crooneys and all de King’s men, disgruntled policemen et al up to today, are unable to place Humpty Dumpty on de Wall again. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy