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Ah 120 karat diamond

Ah 120 karat diamond


If yuh are at ah Wedding Anniversary Celebration way half de number of guests were not even born at de time of de nuptial blessings, and foh de other half, dat wedding took place so long ago, it seems ‘Forever’, dat’s ‘Diamonds’!Now yuh qualify foh Diamonds only when yuh live till yuh 60 years ole. But Lie-Za says dat when ah man married foh 60 years, and ah woman married foh 60 years, dats ah 120th Anniversary, dat is worth ah 120 Karat Diamond!

Ah was happy to be present at Alma and Allan Byron’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Friday Night, ah missed nothing, lots to eat! Lots to drink! lots ah laughs and lots ah talks; but ah was sworn to let what ah see or hear dey, mek it stop dey!

We were informed on Friday night dat Act 1, Scene 1 of dis long ‘Love Affair’ started at Sandy Bay, 65 years ago when ah shy, sharp-looking 21-year-ole tradesman of African Descent, dismounted de PWD truck, and immediately caught de attention of ah stern (still stern) and beautiful (still beautiful), frolicsome 16-year-ole, full-blooded Carib descendant. She says: “It was love at first sight, he was lean and handsome-looking and I said to him, ‘You look like someone who needs to be taken care of’, and I will do just dat!” If ah lie, ah lie after de lady her-self!

Four years later, de relationship was fast approaching consummation stage, so she came up wid ah “Master Plan”. Allan will join de Exodus of 1950/60, and go to England, dat historic period when Commonwealth citizens were flooding de “mother country”. “Work and den you can send for me!” unquote.

Dey say Allan took off foh de UK wid lightening speed. He worked 24/7, and in just over ah year time, when Alma joined him, he was on de docks, Marriage License in one hand, ring pon de other, waiting for dem to be pronounced “Man and Wife” de following morning. What ah great Guy!

England was no “Bed-ah-Roses” but de Byrons toiled and sweat and in 40 years time, dey were Ready to leave their five offspring behind and return home to engage in Christian Life Missionary Work.

Ah met de two Diamonds eight years ago while attending ah Service at Mesopotamia Gospel Hall Assembly. Like most first time visito,r ah sat in de back. Up dey “Praise and Worship” is lively and in Pentecostal style, dancing and hand clapping. Ah noticed up front dey was dis stately looking, attractive lady, just slowly grooving from side-to-side to up-tempo music. And at her side was her precious Diamond partner, as cool as cucumber, erect and motionless, doing his thing.

De Byrons quietly deliver de goods. Alma is an active member of de Glad Tidings Bible Camp Committee, ah full-time volunteer foh de last 20 years, at de annual summer Camps for Junior and Senior. Allan lends his carpentry skill, which is always needed around camp site.

De Wedding last Friday Night oops… de Anniversary Celebration was climaxed wid ah grand appearance of the new Bride and Groom, followed by four of their five siblings who came from England and New Zealand specially for de occasion. Although sworn to secrecy, ah must say, it was ah one-dah-full evening. Blessings to de Byrons.

Lie-Za saying when she celebrates her 60th Wedding Anniversary, she wants to look young like Lady Byron. Now Lie-Za is almost 60, ain’t married yet, and planning anniversary. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.