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Certainly not de Prime Minister’s agenda


Dey say ‘when mouth open story jump out!’ Lie-Za called Sun-dey to find out what is an Agenda,how she just heard de Cheerman of de NLA (de Lot-owe-we) addressing a gathering of Lot-Owe Wukers, explaining dat de PM did not appoint him as Cheer-man because he was bright. He said: “De PM appointed me to carry out his Agenda.” Ah told her dat an Agenda is about order of events or plan of things to be done. Dat de Lot-Owe had its own Agenda established thirty-five yers ago by de Carnival Development Committee, wid folks like Molly Arthur, Omar Davis, Bamba Providence, Randy “D” Dopwell. Buns Bonadie and others made a contribution. Lot-Owe money was primarily to develop Sports and Culture in particular Carnival.

Lot-Owe was never meant to be de Go-venom-mint’s unofficial Well-fear and Poor Relief Department. Maybe de Cheer-man should be congratulated foh his honest disclosure. He might be letting de cat out ah de bag, or simply sending ah warning to one and all aspiring Cheer-man. Lie-Za was saying dat statement was ah sample of de private Oath of Allegiance dat all Cheer-men have to make when accepting any such ULP appointment. “I Swear to you Prime Minister, to carry out your Agenda, and to hell; wid de Rules, Regulations and Accountability!”

Nobody could mek me believe though, dat it is de PM’s Agenda dat ah supporter close to de Lot-owe Board could get Lot-Owe funding foh siblings at University. Never! And nobody could get me to believe dat it is de PM’s Agenda dat ah student from de right constituency, attending Community College, tuition financed by Lot-Owe could brag to fellow students, say how she got school uniform, three pairs ah ‘jeans’, and by de beginning ah de next term, she went back foh three more pairs.

De PM got he fault but nobody could mek me believe dat on de PM’s Agenda, ah well know pretty face teef, showed up to tek cash at Lot-owe office, was only when de staff cried: “Boss, Puss Puss!” dat de Agenda was amended to replace her instantly?

But Lie-Za like she got she “ten-thickle” spread all over Ah had to put tape on me mouth when she asked whose Agenda it is foh de Lot-Owe to be disbursing monies, hand-outs totaling over half ah million dollars, directly and otherwise to Party supporters children. Each child gets five hundred dollars ah month, equal to Five thousand dollars ah year; not ah term yuh know! While institutions like GECCU, SVUT, Bill-an-Loan, Searchlight et al could only afford scholarships valued at fifteen hundred dollars ah year to each student.

And I must find out whose Agenda it is dat one of de Central Constituencies gets over seventy thousand dollars ah year from Lot-Owe to distribute among young party supporters. In de meantime, SVG had one representative at Junior Carifta Games. De Athletics Association got no money, but as long as Keith Joseph remains de president, it seems to be high on de Agenda dat no Lot-Owe money foh de Athletes.

But Lie-Za got she ten-tickle spread all over. She calling Doc Fry-dey to tell him to put on His Agenda: “Ah-counter-bill-at-tea at de Lot-Owe next. And she hope dat de Lot-Owe manager and senior staff, keeping track and recording Memos like FBI chief, James Comey did in dealing wid President Trump bully-style instructions; because Lot-Owe records and Financial Statements will have to be checked by Director of Auditor, who incidentally is de Manager’s uncle. Dis brings me to item on de Agenda dat says Adjournment. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.