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No Best of SVG foh lie-za


Big up‘Best of SVG’ Calm Pain dat climaxed last Sunday evening. Three months ago ah wrote wid water in me pen, trying to explain dat ah Calm Pain was on – not ah pull-it-to-kill Calm Pain. It was ah people’s choice of de Best in almost everything enterprising in SVG. Did I say everything? Well no! No Best Lier! No Best Speaker out of Turn! No Best Mis-spoke! No Best in Transparent-see or Account-Ability! Interestingly de Best Employer went to de Go-venom-mint! And why not, yuh doh have to wuk, late and absent whenever yuh want, and yuh pay, pen-shun, gratuity and vacation shore! And de Best of de Best is if yuh are ah minister, religious not excluded!

But Sunday evening’s event was just short of being spectacular by ah coooh, look foh dat extra, come next year 2018. First de ambience was flattering, Academy Awards style, lighting, seating, stage setting and of course de ladies all won Best Dress. hair styles (wigs) and fashions galore. Some people unknowingly dressed like twins, even looked like twins. Ley me stop before me article get Edited. Best of our Artistes: Shanelle, Hance, Skinny and Rodney!

And now de Winners – everybody was ah winner on Sunday evening. Of course de spotlight was on those whom de people voted “Best in each Category”. But one could have ‘cents’ de pride and satisfaction in some of de winners: Abdullah – Best Taxi Driver! Lyndon James – Best PE Club! Bamboo Spa got 4 Awards! Three to Aldine Browne’s Styl’n’Chic ; Ole calm painers like Erica Country Style; VJ’s celebrating 40 th Anniversary! Ras John didn’t get de wuk to landscape de Airport, but won Best Landscaper! Bigger Biggs’ Phoenix rising again wid early morning breakfast. Once yuh start ah call names yuh in trouble. But Parson say christen yuh pickney fuss: Best of SVG to de CEO Clare Keizer and Karen Ferdinand of Interactive Media and Rebel Media respectively. To-gather wid dey teams, dey put on ah fantastic show. Lie-Za making noise dat she didn’t get Best of SVG. When ah asked her foh what? She said just foh being Best of Lie….Za!


Ole people say “story to talk but time nah dey!” Or “nuff to write bout but space nah dey”, to write how back in 2001, when ULP took office dey found ah whare-house full ah corrupt-shun dat outgoing regime NDP left. How every Ministry was plastered wid corrupt-shun, lack of transparent-see, no Account-ability. Nuff talk bout which minister going Jail foh teefing down Marketing Board; Full scale enquiry into Sir James’n’Ottley Hall. Lie-Za say how special cells at Be-lie prisons were prepared foh Sir James and de Cheerman, Richard Choke-him… poor guy, dey choke he to death. But ole people say “when yuh digging whole foh yuh NME, dig one fee yu-self!” Fifteen years after 2001, Sir James’ cell up Be-lie MT, waiting foh de right-full owners. Lie-Za asking why ULP finding all kind ah tek-nah-call-it-tea to hide de books from proper inspection. De Prime Minister calling local Stations from all part ah de world, to explain dat Awe-position leader Dr Friday is wrong, “ignorant” don’t under-stand. Simply put, Friday is asking dat de Accounts foh all Public Institutions, financed by Tax Payers money, managed or mis-managed by Go-venom-mint be submitted to Par-liar-mint foh ventilay-shun. As ah say, time and space nah dey, but Lie-Za say when de time come, she wants Lawyer and Q.C. Toe-knee Arse-to-fan to prosecute. Her cell at be-Lie waiting foh her. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

l Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor,folklorist and social commentator.