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Dat word transparent-see


Lie-Za’s daughter, Lyn, came home and told her mom de prime minister visited de school and quizzed de whole school. He asked her to make ah sentence using de word Transparent-see, and she told him: “Transparent-see is like de waters around SVG, so clean and clear dat even de blind could see how clean de Go-venom-mint is.”

A proud Lie-Za asked her daughter what did de prime minister say. “Mummy!” she said, “prime minister told me I could be de first female prime minister.” Intrigued, Lie-Za asked what other answers did de other kids give. “Well Mummy, Bell got up and gave ah whole set ah crazy sentences, so much so, de prime minister told her dat she was ah rude lickle girl.” Well mouth open and story jump out. Dis is right up Lie-Za’s street. “Really?” she said. “Yes Mummy, Bell told de prime minister dat Transparent-see, first cousin to Bank-erupt-see is like keeping de Accounts and Record Books foh de Argyle Inter-nah-shun-all Airport very clear, but you could only see dem at See-poor (CIPO) office, not in Par-liar-mint foh discussion!” Dat de prime minister told Bell to keep out ah dat.

Lyn continued: “ Mummy, yuh should ah hear Steve foh tanty B, he was really rude. He asked de prime minister if he dont notice when he drive pass dem abandoned banana fields in de countryside, how de field dem flat to de ground – everything clear, dat is Transparent-see,.. “And Mummy, Steve brave, he told de prime minister, nah because it black, nah blame de Black Sigatoka, is Bank-erupt-see and de Argyle Airport dah got de Banana Industry down.

Lie-Za was holding back de laughter, she needed ah bit ah Transparent Air in her lungs. But lickle Steve is ah bright boy, he had ah lot more sentences on de word Transparent-see dan de prime minister imagined. So de PM told him : “yuh playing bright eh, well make ah sentence on any Big Man in SVG, using de word Transparent-see. “Mummy!” Lyn said in ah high pitched voice, “lickle Steve told de prime minister dat Transparent-see is de time when de Big Man fly down Steak island, he “dine’n’wine’n’grind” wid de people dem, but like he was dissatisfied, he called foh “More-Steak,” warning dem dat he not Joke-in, it is Transparent dat “More-Steak” sharing out and he wants “More-Steak!” Totally upset, de prime minister turned to Steve foh his surname. Politely he replied: “ I am ah Choke-him sir!”


Twenty years of “The Law and Yuh.” Wow! time does really fly. Is like only yesterday when Barrister-at-Law, Parnel “PR” Campbell, QC, started his “The Law and You” Radio and TV programme on Monday nights. Ah person only got to watch or listen to one programme and den s/he becomes hooked like ah-dick-shun. De programmes are really lectures on de law, put in de simplest of layman’s language, foh de bright as well as foh people like me who not so bright. These lectures should be printed in book form and sold.

“De Law and You” speaks volumes of de man PR himself: Disciplined, Devoted, Committed, Consistent, Selfless and Patriotic. I have gone in many shops in de country, to hear heated discussions on what Missah Cam-blow said on his Monday night programme. Ah want to thank PR, wish him long life, good health and God’s Blessings. Lie-Za say de PM does watch de programme, so ask PR to do ah programme on “Transparent-see. And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

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