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Four in ah row???


Thanks to FLOW, viewers were able to watch de Carifta Games widout any extra charge; ah hope de WOLF in FLOW is no more.On ah serious note, dis is “Two Years In Ah Row” dat SVG participated in Carifta Games widout winning ah medal. “Two In Ah Row” we tied wid Sin Lucia and Hate-he foh last; and another “Two In Ah Row” we had de smallest possible team wid one athlete. Young Miss Vincent came close to winning ah Bronze medal in de 3,000 metres race, she did us proud in Vincy land.

And congrats are also in order to Shne Joachim on her Bronze Medal at de Carifta Swimming Events in de Bahamas. Ah keep saying dat hard working Steven Joke-in, de Executive, parents and coach Dougan doing ‘nuff to attract Go-venom-mint’s attention foh real funding foh swimming.

When ah remember Orde Ballantyne, Garth Saunders, Killy Williams winning medals at Carifta, water run from me eye. Imagine foh de last couple ah months, hundreds of Secondary School Athletes, mashing down Arnos Vale, breaking records; and SVG could only send one Athlete to de Carifta Games? We hearing so much great things about Tommy Saunders 4×100 metres relay team at Penn State Games, but no appearance at our Carifta Games, de mecca of sports in de Caribbean.

Sports is in ah Mess and Lie-Za wants mess oops, Cess to contract Judy Boucher on his behalf, to sing foh de Pry Minister, de song “Please release me, let me go”, of my irresponsibility foh Sports, and she could mek it “Two in ah Row,” relieve him from Tour-is-him as well. She say lef him wid Culture, Carnival, Jouvert and Ole Mas his fair-foh-it time of year is near.

Lie-Za was at Inter Schools Sports and she overheard ah lot ah ole-talk. How Go-venom-mint will do nothing to improve conditions in Athletics. Dey’ll be no Stay-dumb, no Sin-tek-it track as long as Keith Joseph, de aunty-go-venom-mint so-shall commentator is president. Fifteen years ago ULP had all de drawings foh de Stay-dum at Die-man ready to be put to tenders; but no way, dump dem! Ah Stay-dumb will mek Keith Joseph look better dan even de PM. She also overheard dem saying dat Mike “Lord Have Mercy” Olliverre wid all his Jah-mek-her coaching experience, should be made Chief Coach of SVG, and let all dem coaches who fighting up, report to Mercy! She say somebody interrupted de conversation and say: “ Keith will not like dat. And another person said: “Time foh Keith smart up, wid ULP around, next year it will be Three, and year after, it will be “Four in ah Row!”


Ah have nuff words but not enuff space to write bout Saeed Bowman, SVG’s youth Ambassador on Pan who will receive de Princes Diana’s Award; an honour bestowed on young people who display outstanding qualities and contribute to their schools, communities and their society as ah whole. Saeed fits dat bill. Every time ah watch him playing ah does see Frankie Mc Intosh. He is ah London College of Music student, a very humble and talented youngster, tek all of Gran-dad Bowman musical skills. Sorry Uncle Lennox, but Saed is de only member of de Bowman family dat has real musical talent. Ah can’t write bout Saeed and not men-shun his musical twin Geran Maule, an up and coming Maestro on Piano. And of course Saeed’s inspiration his dad Rolly. Congrats to de Bowman clan, dey very tight eh! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.