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Honey in his music


We have lost ah great Musician in the passing of Roland Sardine. Ah don’t know how many instruments he actually played, but in addition to his skills in playing and tuning de Piano, his high point would be de number of youngsters, male and female he would have taught to play just about every instrument, as well as vocals. Roland’s home, first de Sardine’s family home in Long Wall and later at Arnos Vale, has always been like a music nursery. He gave music lessons to ah lot ah youngsters foh Free! Somehow he had de technique in getting his students band-ready in quick time, de trouble was, as soon as dey learned dey basic, dey abandoned him and moved on to greener pastures. Beneficiaries of Roland’s musical expertise are my two brothers, Len, who still plays de Key-boards and Bass Guitar, and Don, the Drums.

Ah very interesting revelation surfaced during ah “Best Combo Side Competition” at Russells Cinema, dat would be as far back as in de 1970-80’s. Dey were about six groups including Roland’s. All of ah sudden, de MC announced dat he had made an observation, dat there was at least one member in every band dat appeared on stage who began their musical journey playing with Roland’s band. It was ah proud moment foh Roland, who did not even take a bow; he just sat next to his key-board, in his usual “neither here nor there” manner.

Roland was one of de better Entertainers (Pianists) in SVG. He would have honed his musical talent entertaining some of de world’s richest and most famous personalities on de Grenadine islands of Mustique and Canouan.

Roland’s music was sweetened wid Honey. Along wid de Bees he made de best Honey. Apparently dey has been ah complaint about de taste of de Milk’n’Honey in Heaven. So something suggested to St Peter dat de problem is de Honey, and if St Peter wants to correct dat, he must send foh Roland, not only would he produce de best Honey but he will mek a good Harp player.

Ah want to welcome de Bo-beer-john Psychiatrist, Dr Ermine Bell to SVG. Her contract states she will be wuking here five days ah month, dat Lie-Za says, is Madness. Your first assignment Dr. Belle should be at Belle-Lie but Lie-Za needs yuh. She is Mad like hell and needs your attend-shun, she recently got her PHD lie-son (Pot Hole Dodging) and says, dat yuh will need ah PhD like hers if yuh have to drive on de roads in SVG. And Lie-Za says dat by your second assignment which should be at Cabinet Room, in addition to being ah Psychiatrist, yuh will need to be a Psychic to psyche out all the madness that pass fuh good govern-ants. Come what may, please enjoy your visits to SVG. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.